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  1. Apo weapon +30 to R110 +28 Normal weapon ( not limited / enchanted /pvp/ pve ) to upgrade from +30 R grade to R95 you need 3,403,652,549 adena R-grade Crystal — 543794 pcs. R-grade Gemstone — 956 pcs. Crystal of Determination — 4075 pcs From R95 to R99 ( clean ) you need 4,084,383,058 adena R-grade Crystal — 652552 pcs. R-grade Gemstone — 1147 pcs. Crystal of Determination — 4890 pcs. Then you need to make the R99 to PVP/PVE before upgrde to R110 (PVP/PVE) you need 20,070,000,000 adena R-grade Ge
  2. How i like to see ppl QQ about pk man i get pk to alot of times but you dont see me or others who know how to play the game cry about PK sistem if you dont like you can go and play TETRIS and i kill you some times but no pk only you flagd and i kill you so thats not PK learn the mechanisc of the game first then start play PLS QQ MORE I LIKE BABY
  3. IceRaven


    wtt +9 Blessed Antharas for +8 PVE r99 set ( heavy/light/robe) wtt/s +14 R110 Bow 3 sa 450 ( stage 8 sa ) wtb Seed bracelet stage 1 - 10b pm mail to IceRaven
  4. Blacksmith of Mammon is not only in Aden and Giran they ar also in Rune where is the back of the building where is the GK mammon did not left rune only get replacet get closer in rune to players
  5. i think price is wery low under 200B even if its +30 Apo now days +17 limited R110 Bow make more dmg and rly dragon weapon bow sells like for 1.3-1.4 T adena you for upgrade to limited +28 bow you need more then 2T adena so not whorth the adena this days even if its r95 +30 and i know only 2 weapons +30 apo on NAIA server 1 is missing and 1 have a player who quit long time ago and dont whana sell hes weapon so gl on founding +30 weapon i offerd the player like 5-6 monmths ago 250B for hes apo weapon but he whants more and no whorth this is my advice but lets see what other say GL&
  6. BRAVO RLY your the best 12-2=8 pls someone send him a NOBEL PRIZE (12-2=10) you can even do a simple math problem and you give advice to other players pls give me a brake
  7. sry for this but rly why QQ i have more then 850+ pk on main char and i pk players who bring full pt to my farming spot and force me out of spot they think if i farm solo on spot they can take of if they have 0 dmg and place there range dd in mid of 3 spots and take 2-3 mobs from each spot and dont have dmg to kill fast only *** up the farming spot and others cant farm or if they have melle dmg and run from spot to spot and stop on my spot for more then 10 min yes i pk all this players and i dont give a hell bs about them even if they QQ to my clan leader or others in clan I DONT CARE PK IS
  8. IceRaven


    wtt +16 pve bow r99 +adena for +17+ bow r99 / r110 +14+ clean wts +16 r99 pve bow 3 sa wtb +17++ r99 bow/ r110 +14++ bow wtb circlet scrols 90kk each wtb dragon scrols 25kk each nobel leather stone ( dragon shirth ) wtb blessed valakas - 41b PM mail IceRaven in game or here
  9. wtt +16 pve bow r99 +adena for +17++ any weapon normal/blessed/pve/pvp r99 wtb apo weapon +25++++ wtb protection crystal -- 8kk each need ( 4000 ) wtb b valakas --40 B Mail / Pm IceRaven or Cod items ty
  10. where can i find what Atlas earing gives or who can link the jewel here ty
  11. wtb determination crystal - 65kk each ( 110 need ) mail in game "IceRaven wts +16 PVE Caster r99 3 sa wtb r110 light set clean +10 or enchanted +10
  12. go in any farming spot garden / bs / ev there is pt whet no clan and all the names start whet * i * and when you just go near them they focus on you and kill you and all the pts near them same no clan but when you come kill them all they just run back and start farm or they auto res but there is some times 1 pt whos not hiting only in karma and when you go near there farmking bot pt they auto atack you whet 5 wynn if you ar low geard you dont have a chance so why gms dont look after them rly i made tichets and they sad it takes time rly after 1 month still nothing from gms so they protect th
  13. Why bots ar not ban in game lets think about abit i send 2-3 tickets now about bots force players out of spots whet full pt and if i pk them 20++ time they just come back and now they pk players if they go near the farming group so GMS they ar the bots who farm and they whana make some money of game or they just get payd from the bot owners for not baning them for that they ar not band in game rly on lvl 100 too 106 lvl farming areas they ar 80% full of bots so PLS JUJI and other gms just reply to this post and dont delete if you delete or not reply that means im 100% correct on my post TY .
  14. Ncsoft need to decrease from 3 to 2 and them ppl start search for pt and need to ban bots who now pk players if near they farming group and if you kill them they come back same spot 24/7 but i think bots ar gms making ++ salary in game for that they dont ban them or do something rly they well not ban they own adena farmer or friends adena farmer groups of bots
  15. in 2018 1 freya stick whas 65-70kk ( 1 ncoin = 1-1.3 kk ) in 2019 same item is 150-160 kk ( 1 ncoin = 2-2.3 kk ) on server NAIA i just w8 when players start QQ about event anchant rate GL ON DRAGON WEAPONS ANY STAGE !!!!
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