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  1. GK 106 returning to main class

    Hi guys, just wondering if the lag is going to ever stop? Started lvling my dual class archer witch is lvl 110 now. I have not leveled my main now for over a year, not even sure where to hunt solo now My gear is prolly mid level, and should i trade my Archers +14 Limited bow at the next red libra?.....Im rocking a +7 bloody fist atm :(..Any infor would be helpful. Thanks

    Oh wow you been playing almost 5 years Im a seasoned player of 15 years with a few breaks here and there,but have stayed with the toon i 1st rolled. Btw prolly have alts that are higher level than you, but thats not the point of this post. Cheers

    I would like a dual to main swap mainly because my main is a Maestro lvl 106 and my dual is a Yul not to far from 110. There is no reason to play a Maestro the way the game is going. and to reroll is also out of the question. NCsoft have not giving players much option to change over the years and is about time they do. I started playing L2 from 2004. This is my honest opinion.
  4. With a 3 account login per pc is good, more party rooms should open and no more abuse with legal 20+ macro farming which imo is why all the lag. Finding a spot to level will be better also is crazy to of had no limit in the first place....
  5. Main - Dual exchange service

    I have been playing Lineage 2 from Aug. 2004 and would pay for a Dual Class to Main Change the reason being in 2004 i rolled a maestro which is now level 106 / Dual Class is a archer level 108. I think Draecke has a good idea and ++++++++ that path. reroll? ya right
  6. Demon Swords needs nerf

    The Demons Swords need limit on how many times it can kill the same player in a 24 hour span. Many people have xp runes and other boost to level up and the reset to town is such a waste to players. Something need to be done I know many that complain about the abuse some clans are doing once they get the swords...ncsoft thing about it, should be changed/ or make a way for lower levels to combat them.
  7. High level GK stat

    Hi I was wondering what a high level GK basic stats should look like. I am only lvl 102 so I want to see where I am needing help. Could someone please upload a screen shot. Thx.
  8. Critical Damage question

    I have a few items that say increase critical damage like Giants 15% and Giants talismans +3%..when I use them I see no change in my character status...any idea why I don't see change in stat?
  9. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I don't care if others don't want Free transfer to be honest, however ncsoft knows they better do something about this and I mean fast or they will lose the support of people like me....
  10. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Are there going to be free server transfers, this waiting to play or having to wait for support toons to relog is getting bad. I have been playing l2 from 2004 and changed to classic because of the p2w crap. On classic I have 3 vip level 4 accounts and I don't want to farm my adena and gear again.
  11. BAN for using CTRL button?

    I have been playing L2 from 2004, and what i have seen Lild1nk do is harassment. If a player wants to enjoy lineage 2 as pve only he/she should have the right to enjoy their game play otherwise they would be in a active pvp clan. This is just a player from a TOP pvp clan wanting to grief players of lower clan levels or who is in a pve mode to to gain levels so they can compete and have fun.The GM did the right thing in this case.