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  1. nevermind think i found it. its under game play options.>set next target> monster. which mine appears to be on. so think it must be an AoE skill that's flagging me then when my iss buffs them too.
  2. ok so been back in game a week or so now and the macro thing or what they calling it helps, i guess. how things have changed since Beta. just interested to find out if it is possible to set them so you dont /targetnext a PC that has flagged on you? i seem to get in from or and find my char dead. when i scroll up it appears that someone flagged on me then my char targeted them as a viable target and flagged back. i tested this theory myself in several locations and found that some people will flag back and others will not. so either there is some setting i am not aware of or they
  3. go to https://www.lineage2.com/news and click on the updates tab. it will show all the notes for the updates.
  4. But the Honey vitality Beer is not annotated (event) so will this be deleted or not? on the news post it only lists items annotated with "Event" as being deleted
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