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  1. I don't have time but, i don't like to get scammed like that. step 1) We do not sell destiny packs what should we do? No one have good earnings those days and also the game xp rate is low. We cannot make an xp event cause server will get heavy like last year covid days, that will be additional work and cost for us... hmm step 2) I got an idea lets fool everyone ,lets say that we gonna give 100x destiny packs after restart, so everyone will buy 400ncoin before they goes to sleep. its cheap even poor people will give for a chance, do the math. we gonna make a lot of money. then we gon
  2. Lol this ridiculous. Can someone explain me pls, what items of Black Friday event can be consider as an offer?
  3. You just give the x100 destiny packs before server restart without even notice??? that's so unfair. well done NC. People everywhere are locked cause of covid most of them with no money, players w8ting for this this event just to have some little fun those days. and you ruined the day just like that? So provocative unfair NC, u must give some respect to players, at least at those sad days, shame on you.
  4. I never disqus anything on forum but this is not an update, this is a robbery . im a tyrr close to 110 and now farming for almost 0 xp, im feeling weak on mobs like i loose 2 lvls . this is ridiculous , im pretty sure that the most ppl here phase the same problem with me and will leave this game and stop paying for prestige rune etc , the game looks like destroyed for us. giving 0 reasons to continue play. you must fix it to be fair for all classes.or you will end up with a unbalanced server full of archers, Do the math NCwest. you will be the big looser at the end.
  5. After last update In Primeval isle all Blessed enchant scrolls are now dropping by 3 pieces each time a mob drops.
  6. Hi have play L2 before many years but now is completely different. I have made a dwarf Maestro but when i try to double click a recipe on my inventory a message appears "The recipe cannot be registered . You do not have the ability to create items" i cannot also find the crystallize option on inventory. can you please help?
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