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  1. Archers were always over powered. No way an arrow one shots a player in heavy armor; with a shield too?!?. Tyr boost made sense, a giant sword or spear should definitely one shot someone in light armor or robes. Magic should be as strong as archers, or daggers but more of a dot damage. The game doesn't make sense.
  2. You both should stick to one account, and use pots. That's fastest. 4 and 6 I guess 1 iss and 1 healer but which and what damage dealers? You don't need a healer technically, your Iss can do that. Archer pew pew , Dreadnutt aoe , Temple Tank aggro scoop , Swiss Iss
  3. This is correct, get enhanced shadow duals. Have fun for a while.
  4. So much money is spent on this game; its an absurd amount in comparison to other games. I would think they would make all this digital pixel crap a heck of a lot easier to get, or at least make the chance to win much higher. For real you spend a grand and you get nothing, this is a a game right?
  5. Duelist is the most fun to play and Heirophant is the strongest ISS always has been. This is if you play the game solo or duo, if you CP and follow the cookie cutter meta; archer sws.
  6. Post it note right over the chat box. Then get in Voice chat.
  7. No no quitting just adjust your expectations. It will take you years to become siege worthy, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the game. It goes on and on for decades, no easy way. Even if you put thousands in you would still need to learn.
  8. Talk to Tarti in Gludio, follow her instructions.
  9. Why was your question. The answer is because they are weak. The weak will never win unless they cheat, winners never cheat and cheaters never win. If I win I really win, if they win they just cheated. It is this differences that separates winners and losers. Game is still fun in some strange way.
  10. What happens if you use a greater agathion book of growth on a greater agathion. Is it possible to blow it up first try, or does it just have a chance to succeed or fail on the enchant. Not talking about the Agathions before +10 turning to greater, the greater ones. Thanks you.
  11. Question about # 5. Other Changes Are the other changes a lower enchant rate, I have been having some amazing fails lately. 10 fails in a row just to get a bracelet to +1 seems a bit silly. Can't get past plus 5 on anything.
  12. And here lies the problem with the game.. people like you say QQ and do nothing and let NC Soft treat you like trash... enjoy being the battered person.. oh no it's ok if NC soft beats me.. I deserved it.. no no.. I fell that's it... That was the best post in this whole miserable thread. It really does feel like were battered spouses married to a game that once was nice, sure hope its nice again.
  13. I like the sigel bonus works for my ISS and Duelist, and the new instance is pretty good xp. Is there anything else good anyone?
  14. I like the new augments you can do on armor. What do you like if anything, not looking for the down side.
  15. If damage is done and you don't regen you keep fighting a while and then you die. For example a monster or maybe even a player cuts your hp down below the point you can regen it, then you play along, long enough for that damage to not be on your damage logs, but your hp is still low a couple a mob crits later and your toast.
  16. Seems something is a bit off, hope they make it better. Maybe maka da items a dropa, and a give a the party a xapee bonuses. Yeah take step back and say what would make this more fun, more interesting, flavorful. Change the colors on over enchants too while your at it, make some stars or fire sparks shoot out. For real if it costs a hundred bucks make it look like it costs a hundred bucks, I mean ncoins. Ohh and drops from red people, and make it real hard to work that red off. Thats it, my recomendations.
  17. What does tape a cross to your to right front window mean?
  18. For some yes, this game has all kinds of strange incentives.
  19. Fumb

    Rim Kamaloka

    Use dragon weapon
  20. You would have to develop some relationships, get some references. There aren't as many scammers as you think, nice community here.
  21. Quickest way would be to have maximum 0 level characters join your clan and level as quickly as possible and do all daily clan reputation quests.
  22. Members 6 1 post Report post Posted Saturday at 01:08 PM 1) Party group is dead, TRUE except for daily or CP 2) L2 store promotions with exclusive items only from store (not obtainable in game) TRUE this game is so rediculous the amount of money you have to spend. 3) Queues for prestige subscribers What? 4) No new actual content just old areas become new
  23. Fumb

    Swamp of screams

  24. Devils Isle run was fun, Evas temple too.
  25. Half a million in USD that should be a banable offense
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