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  1. You are contradicting yourself bro. You mention it yourself "going from +0 to +1", yet you defend NCSoft's claim that it starts breaking from +1 forward. Let me help you out with the semantics here by showing you the definition of the word "from": Indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts. If English is not your first language, stop commenting on posts like this.
  2. While I do like the idea of a 'global' Olympiad, I seriously doubt a lot of thought was put into this concept, regardless of the crappy rewards. For one, the fact that you can sign 6 days in the week during a VERY specific 1-hour time window is just baffling to me. The amount of people you rule out just because of this is immense. No American with an actual 9 to 5 job has the possibility to compete in Olympiad. Second, if you do happen to miss just 1 single hour/day during the week, you are out of the picture for hero. It has become mostly about who can be online most of the week vs who can wi
  3. How does one misread "STARTING FROM +1"? Go troll your own threads, thanks.
  4. When you specifically put in the pendant description that "STARTING FROM +1, THE ITEM WILL DISAPPEAR ON FAIL" and it then fails and disappears on +0, you really need to go back to school and learn English.
  5. 100 scrolls and took my +4 Cloak to +2. Money well spent. @mixa that is one extreme, but at least you expect to get at least something back. I am not expecting to go +20 on the cloak, but was hoping to get +10. I can tell you out of the 100 scrolls I hit +6 ONCE and all the rest I hit +5 max. NCsoft doesn't release the chance on these enchants, yet if you notice every time they release shit like this within 5 mins you have someone on world announcements going +10 just to give the impression that it is doable. NCSoft basically uses the same tactics as those swindlers on the street. It
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