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  1. Thanks , I will try to get better weapons for feoh tyr and othel first and see how it works out for aoe spoils.
  2. Hi all My old main chars are a lvl 99 tyrr/tank and my wife has a lvl 97 ISS/tank . Both are wearing R95 +3 120resist armor and weapon 300, normal jewelry and i own around 5billion adena to upgrade chars to do PVE ONLY. I came back to game last week and already made a few lvl 97 chars with paulinas gear on separate accounts for support/extra dmg with the new auto attack system. Is it possible to do lvl 100+ zones with a 5 man party with this gear or do I need R99 gear/weapon or higher on all chars? I was thinking to buy an R99 heavy armor for my tank ( does it
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