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  1. You know it's always been pretty clear to me that people usually start to say the word 'should' a lot around the time they realize their argument is flawed and they are arguing from a failed position. 'Not a huge fan of the word 'should,' it's a limiting psychology to embrace, like using 'can't'. And I never used the phrase 'bullying' either, so I'm sorry but I just kinda lost interest 'bout halfway down your post there. You just don't hold my attention too well at all, I am just kind of allergic to BS and pettiness but I get the hatin' gist of it all, very impressive. What I did ACTUALLY s
  2. Am I playing the wrong game or have you just not read the rules... or even just the first rule...? I know it's a lot of words to get your head around but just maybe, if you can get an adult to read it to you,.. very slowly, it might actually make sense. For your convenience I have underlined some of the parts you're obviously struggling with. Lineage 2 Code of Conduct Rule number 1: While playing Lineage II, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attenti
  3. Talk about Fake News! These elaborate arguments generated by pathological "Bad Actors" imaginings are always the same and ALWAYS from the same voices, the Lineage 2 Trolling community - people that get off on others frustration - there is a word for that; Sadistic. They cry out to all that will listen because they NEED to whinge like spoiled children when they are restricted from expressing their insecurities using abusive and controlling behaviors; 'It's a PvP game how dare you report me for ANY interactions I perform,' - 'Oh, why, Oh why have you failed me NCSoft,' - 'I was just following th
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