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  1. Svalin

    Best option

    Yeah i notice the stats of Light ELf are shit to late i was seen the stats. of Dwarf are nice. but to solo in high lvl titan is a beast for killing 1 mob but Dwarf + Tank (shield and 1handed) are better than buy 2 types of weapons less adena cost and for the adena drop + my bad luck in RNG drops. Main Dwarf = Craft Weight and Skill cooldown reduce. same weapon as tank (tauti blunt 1hnded) Main Orc= 1 Stat more than Dwarf + Frenzy (can kill in "future" (real far) Solo instances) problem diferent Weapon
  2. Svalin

    Best option

    First of all yeah i a noob, What should i do? Continue with my tank Eva Templar 96 with dual class tyrr titan 91 with the stats of a Elf or Start again but now as orc so i get the stats of Orc to be tank. because the orc has more str more con and more men than elf. elf only has 10+ dex and 3 luc more. No money for race change
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