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  1. Please don't use the pandemic as a cheap excuse for the poor to non-existence service the game is offering for the last 6+ months.
  2. DC Fest

    Right now the game is not playable...............
  3. The current situation is beyond the point of ridiculous, the game is so full of lag, because of known issues and nobody cares, nobody is taking any actions about it. It is like they are doing that on purpose.... I think we are again at the point like a few weeks ago.
  4. Subscription Canceled no more money to NC soft until the give respect to their customers, all of them.
  5. Hello, we are a small group of 3 players looking for a good lvl pve clan on Chronos. We are all experienced and geared players 105 Shilien Templar Tank 103 sub. 105 yul ghost sentinel and 104 tyrr maestro. Message or mail in game for more info. Tezcatilpoca or Microme
  6. The same case with me, they should have informed for that in advance or increase the number of items or keep them unlimited, I guess it is the last time I get nc coins.