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  1. @Juji @Hime Do you think that is a fair use of over $700? You should turn yourselves in to the FBI for stealing from ppl not just across the USA bur WW. This is not even greed anymore, it is a scam pure and simple. Jesus Christ!
  2. They are being ddosed for a year now? Hime said ilegitimate game traffic, that can mean those bots scanning auctin house, or the bots loging on each spot of the sv every few seconds to scam fo chests, or the radars a big no of "top" chars are using, or those macros to auto scan and port to greedy chest location to kill it.. you know.. bots they do not do anything about
  3. so is it safe to say we have lag and disconnects bcs of your inability to ban 3rd party program users? Maybe next time someone submits a ticket about a program user you actually read it?
  4. I think their support team is in India using notepad copy/paste responses. I also cannot create new accounts but that is fine. I can create account and play on the european version. They do everything they can to kill this game and that is a pitty. If they want to ban boots they just need to camp greedy chest repawns and catch the ppl automatically getting invite and jumping to location or auto getting pm notification and instantly jumping with mytp to kill them. They will easily find top players doing this and my bet is they choose not to ban their cash cows just making it
  5. Hello Juji, Has your team calculated how mamy months a normal player needs for an accessory that should be common placed in ppl inventories? 6-12? Also, have you started adding all the stuff missing from the lousy NA version? For example jewel boxes @ Mammon? or an actual non tens of thousands of dollars way to get dragon weapons, or dragon claws @ Mammon, non-nerfed free events, or anything really that would actually make this game fun? Thank you for ignoring, as always the real questions!
  6. so? how is the "keeping an eye on the situation" going? you geniuses can't fix this, can you?
  7. how are you keeping an eye on it? by not looking? game is unplayable! ppl pay you huge ammounts of dollars to play this game and they cannot.
  8. Same stuff different day, disconnect, relog, wait for queue, disconnect do it qll qggain. NC west quality at it's best
  9. Hello @Karma2020, I used to play melee an of of if not the best archer on the server at the time was kind enough to teach me to set up an effective archer. There are 2 few key principles first of all: 1. hardest hit an archer can make is with skill when that skil crits 2. If your $ spend is not unlimited you need to do the most with limited adena. With those 2 in mind of your skill does not. rit you cand have 600k patk, you will not hit hard so: boost anything that makes ypur skills crit (p skill crit rate and dex that gives p skill crit rate) and that skill crit damag
  10. Thank you for this extensive reply that touched on all the questions, concerns and requests in the past period! With this post, telling us your crappy server is up, you made it very clear to everyone they should stop paying your salaries.
  11. so? have you done your job or was too busy with the adena nerfs?
  12. I have never seen a business putting so much effort into auto destruction! It is sad really, but i will not log in just to buy stuff from nc store! It is pointless. And even if you do make improvements next week to xp, there will be no place left to make adena. You have wrongly nerfed ios before and ppl were nit that upset bcs plunderous plains existed. You "fixed" that too.. this is so dissapointing, will deff not put in one single $ jnto this crappy game with crappy strategy and leadership. gl with your unemployment this Christmas!
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