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  1. Really good job you found a way to close chronos/naia. It's ok to avoid bots, and at least with gameguard people cannot use VMs or similars to log 1293042930840234 boxes in Oren. But avoiding mouse and keyboard macros you destroyed the game. You are forcing people to buy a specifi brand of mouse/keyboard to be effective, the difference between having a mouse macro and using the in-game macro is between playing and not playing at all cause you are not able to make a proper in-game macro that doesn't stuck, that has more than 12 lines and that doens't have fixed delay of 1 second between lin
  2. Where are you located Are you using a VPN? How frequent is the latency you're experiencing? Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? 1 - Italy 2 - Of course not, it's forbidden by your rules of conduct 3 - Always, from login to dc 4 - Melee Lag + Inventory Lag + L2Store lag + open chest delay + spawn mob delay + Skill delay + Freeze in town and Aden Instances 5 - I PAY prestige + destiny like almost everyone legit on this server
  3. 1 - Southern Europe 2 - No 3 .1 - around 20-30 seconds of freeze every 3-4 minutes 4.1 - Aden instances, Aden town (Naia) 3.2 - Disconnection 4.2 - Swamp of Screams, opening aden treasure chest (Naia) 3.3 - Delay in skills, freeze, every 10-15 min 4.3 - Sea Of Spores (Naia)
  4. Unfortunately it happens to every event, you cannot use it anymore not from manteinance but from the "reset" during the morning (in Europe)
  5. There are some Summoners skills that can be used from outside a pvp zone, i saw some summoners using pets keeping the character inside the peace zone and putting the pets in the pvp/war zone, because they can use skill that make damage/ knock-back/hold, is it fair or an exploit violation? @Juji @hime
  6. It's nice to see how some players start to cry about inexistent bug/exploit after losing 1 cursed weapon in 1 months. Same people that is crying is that one that is using elf wynn to hit people with the knock back near the chest while keeping the summoner outside of pvp zone, in this way they are EXPLOITING the game, but of course that is fair, because they are winning... We know why you are crying, you want nerf on everything that is not in your equip Same person that is crying , as you can see some post over me knows very well the difference from normal damage to paagrio earri
  7. I never speak on forum because most of time i read simple crying and non-sense accusing between players, but this time i read a really good idea. Making items that were possible to do only with exploit (I think that only 1 or 2 people in the two servers made it without restoration, if there is any) available to everyone via event it's a good way to punish who made exploit (they will not have that item only for them) without losing money (good for ncsoft) and without punishing other players (that now cannot restore almost anymore any item). @Juji should think about this good idea. We
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