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  1. I found out who owns pk toons and yea its game over they are top geared people who are bored so will be seeing pk toons with +6 sets +10 or higher weps probably boss jewls +15 cloaks and i would not be suprised to see them running around in partys with full buffs and healers. I dont really feel like selling my second car to play this game, Costs the same as running a car for vip 7 .... how out of touch are these people ..... mental Shame to watch something you grew up on playing for 16 years be run by people who clearly do not care, the players care more for the game than the people running it, truely sad
  2. PK PK PK And More PK

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA Well!... just read the patch notes G ***** G !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA pk dont drop, welcome to fully geared pk toons 24/7 pk, The game has done the opposite of what the people asked for.... thats the type of company this is, AMAZING!
  3. PK PK PK And More PK

    I understand what your saying mixa, im just stating some things that are a tad unfair when it comes to these situations, pk toons fine no problem but make it abit fair so that people like me who are lower level have a chance to protect themselves better. Its also a call to any other player that is sick of pkers and looking to make a difference, I will hunt them but even i am limited to what i can do, range speed attack damage, is very hard for a lvl 65 to hunt level 76+ pk summoners who kill from afar. If they kill afkers fine no problem again but atleast try and find out if they are afk first beforee sending your pony from around the corner. I just think there should be some changes killing on horseback no no... teleporting in combat... no no. Cost of revenge on red toons should be free or very cheap for people who have been pked by someone 10+ levels because its not the fact you get revenge and they leave you alone. you get a bigger target on your back so i need the resources to be able to teach these people im not afk and i will attack back
  4. PK PK PK And More PK

    Thats a good idea, i already have made a couple friends ingame now who also have issues with pk toons and we will be making a big statement very soon, #watchthisspace. but that also reminded me, Teleporting shouldnt be allowed when in combat (ofcourse bsoe is allowed) in other games thats combat logging or same as. I play on taking island server so if anyone had the same problems or wish to add someone to there friends list who will happily hunt any red all i ask is location and first 3 letters of their name add frper to friends. Yesterday i was pk'd by 4 different toons multiple times, the free location is nice but the rate of pk is to high and it starts costing since these pk toons have bot they see when a high level is close and they log or port. I will try and use it more cautiously and hopefully try and catch them at certian moments. Thank you for you info tho my man appreciated (just like to also add, dont bother buying runes from l2store, waste of money you will be pk'd)
  5. Ok so by the title you may understand what im about to talk about. Getting pretty tired of the same kind of pk constantly and they justify it by saying dont go afk.. thats grand and all but im not afk and still getting pk'd by ponys from behind wallks, rocks or running fast at distance on horse (i cant get yet so i cannot catch them) Im happy to fight pk characters around my level but when they are 15+ levels higher and when they use a pony that can 1 shot, i could be looking at my inventory and next moment half my pt is dead and by the time i close inventory there all dead., they target outside the next target range from behind walls so your only way of targeting is /target (they 1 shot lowbies so counter doesnt work) I returned to the game a few weeks ago and havent seen a single PvP combat (apart from me messing with friends cus we like to pvp) I see crying in chat about no pvp by clans who are the ones going around pking everyone..... Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. As a community it is now up to us to try and do something about this and try and keep this game alive, GM's simply dont care with there automated responses. All they see when they see a character is $$ not th fact there is a person sat behind every screen. I know the fact that im playing live means i get pk'd more often because i res up and i go exp again (what else am i to do sit in town waiting for a pk toon to log back in) I even dlvled a pk character because i was live and started chasing them wherever they went. (im lvl 65 and the pk toon was 77.. WAS!!! now 76 mwahaha) This is all good but after you get revenge one time porting costs a fortune to get revenge again, im level 60's fighting pk toons level 76+ and i gotta pay mills to get revenge uuuugh. i cant even get adena because the pk toons guard every location for there bots so they force people to rmt and give themselves bussiness (good short term very bad long term... dont quit your day job your customers will soon be gone) Would be nice if lets say you get killed by a character over 10 levels higher for the lower level revenge should be free all day. Ponys should not be allowed to attack while on horse back, lower lvls cannot catch them pre-76. If anyone else can list things that could help against such things please do comment and forward your ideas i think its time we ended this stupid gameplay I will do my part and continue to hunt these characters but would be nice if i could hit atleast 76 on my main first though. Me - PVP 0/0 PK ..... Killed by PK 100+ in a few weeks
  6. Lets Talk Pk Toons!

    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen or anything in between, I have a few query's and possible a suggestions for these PK characters. I have been pk'd countless times now and its getting to the point that im thinking the community of lineage 2 dont want new or returning players to progress, I see it all the time and usually im being pk'd by elf summoners that are atleast 75+ (i am currently level 50... but been getting pk'd since level 25) The only people with these types of disposible accounts/characters would be those who already have reached the higher end of levels. So!!!..... my question is.. why the hell do people complain about no Pvp all the time when you yourself are causing the problem, my first day back in game i was pk'd atleast 20+ times and im not joking it got to the point someone came every 15 - 20 mins all day refusing to let me exp without reason i even asked them and they would not reply to me. Do you actually want this game to be enjoyable for all or only enjoyable for yourself? because i promise it wont be enjoyable when you cant log in anymore because no one plays anymore. Be the better side of the game if you own a pk toon and usually mess with randoms, go constantly kill bots (you no the ones) make it not cost affective for the person running them. dont allow them to make adena for a few weeks and i promise they will dissapear (atleast for abit till they think the coast is clear) I want to see the old type of PvP again not all this PKing low level toons. And im not saying dont pk at all, sometimes its worth a pk like you go to a exp spot you realise the other pt is afk and ksing you... damn right pk them thats the game, thats their problem. but if your pking just to pk and nothing else then im afraid you are apart of the problem and sadly you are the reason no one PvPs anymore