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  1. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    What about Lindvior?
  2. Finally a decent looking end-game Shield and Heavy armor!
  3. Support Ticket need help

    I'm wondering why he would pressed 'prnt scr' instead of 'escape' to cancel the trade when he "accidentally" pressed accept trade
  4. You skiped the quest for the A-grade gear. Anyway, at 76 you will receive your class change quest and S gear with it, just keep grinding and forget about A grade
  5. Best option

    Keep your char, you won't perceive the changes you want to make. Eva is a good pick, you need no more than an Apoca Sword 2SAs. The armor and jewels will synergize well with a Tyrr. Titan or Khava are good options, those will allow you to have some solo gameplay in casual play. To be a beast, race aside, you'll need some heavy investment, if you are not willing to do it, look for good people to play with and enjoy developing your char at your own pace
  6. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    Clean trailer. Alongside a quite decent lore, the cinematics in the game are just amazing
  7. Conguero, Neutron

    I mean, after collecting all those materials, the guy could have just waited for the Dragons to actually DROP a good fragment, but I guess playing the game is not what we do here, right? I mean, that's how all the other Dragon Weapons have been made prior to this event and MS should know because they crafted the Fists... oh wait, they didn't, they were bought... ah but the crafted the Valakas Dagg... oh wait, my mistake again, also bought, well... point is, the Fragment could fall in any moment by regular gameplay, still he decided to go all the steps from collecting, crafting, recording, posting, bragging, etc... The sole fact that they are playing the "I'm a VIP customer, I deserve VIP treatment" card or the "We are mad, We quit" card, shows that they have no further argument. Yes, the petition was clean, but the decision was faulty and it is a good thing they reverted that and close the case for good, so nobody gets this service anymore. Everything invested in leveling the new char is there, furthermore, there's the benefit of the 3 weeks power level with a Stage 2 Bow, not only for Truffle but also for MS/PvE members going with him. I mean, this service is amazing! A friend of mine was a level behind me and he hit 105 before me because of that! Can anyone advise me how can I get a Stage 2 Dragon Weapon for 3 weeks for power level and Siege purposes? You could put 30-days Dragon Weapon on Store, just like the 30-day Cloak and 30-day Boss Jewels... I should better stop giving ideas... Anyway, what I found even more sad, is that people here have no sense of what's fair and what's not, they will just push to the side it benefits them, but I guess people is just people Cheers to all, see ya in the battlefield
  8. Lol, that's quite a difference in community service
  9. Molensa i went one more step further

    Gratz Molensa! Also to Divekio for the Hero. You two are some fresh water in the sea of big mouth detaggers
  10. 7v7 - MS vs Nova - Stage 3 Fist

    So, how does this Paralyze work? The debuff lands for 5 second and after that is 10 sec paralyze? Daaaaaaaamn that's OP!
  11. Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos

    @ChocolateChip If I'm not wrong, they moved the Dragon Dagger to Freya to mess MAX farm there, since it wont impact the status quo in Chronos anyway. Also they have a point in saying that Nova has an upperhand in owning AoE PvP weapons and you have to be clever in what you upgrade, since resources (Dragon Claws) are limited and upgrading Dualswords now might deny you from upgrading a Buster/Caster/Retri/Bow/XBow/DualDagger/Dagger in the future, may a fragment drop. Anyway, the potential of the Dragon Fists plus other p2w items is not a force to oversee. At the end, both clans are doing the best they can and claming "you should be able to X since you have Y" is just part of the non-sense flamewar, not something you should take seriously.
  12. Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos

    Gz to Truffy for the Top-Grade Fists, have fun with them It's funny how AMX pm asking for link, seems like he was not in clan atm, how surprising
  13. Makes me think if there's someone out there actually playing in char's perspective camera
  14. Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide

    PK is a designed player interaction, not an offense, the PK mechanics go as far as having PK scrolls in game for you to wash your sins Your options are to open yourself a spot or do something else. Instances are designed for everyone to have their own, World Map on the other side is limited and therefore may imply competence. You don't even need to kill the macro char, you could just pull/push it to a wall or outplay it, which shouldn't be so difficult if we talk about live vs afk player Btw, the only thing that the entry message says, is that the game is not responsible for losses caused by missuse of in-game mechanics, such us afk-macro farming. No over-complicated game mechanics are needed to solve your unwillingness to actually play in open field how it's expected to be
  15. Comparing AP Setups

    @Irlumir Well, I adjusted my setup to be just over 100k HP with Rose, moving my points from HP and Cooldown to Defense. It's not a big difference and kinda works better, also it's not like I miss 7-10k HP I wanted to buy a Mystic Crystal for my weapon when they were about 3-3.5b, but ppl got emo after it was removed from HC rewards and are asking close to double for it, so meh My armor is +10/9/9/8/8 full Blessed. +10 prices are going down so if I get the adena I may move to simple +10 and work from there Talk to me about PvP when they fix the bug that let nukers hit for over 100k dmg while UD is on >.> Every new update is time to adjustments, like adjusting to new skills for us in the last one, so I will see what I'll do when the time comes
  16. Comparing AP Setups

    I just propose a simple comparison based on an old discussion, the idea is to talk about different AP setups, focused mostly on defensive ones. Most of the strength of our char is ofc largelly decided by the gear it wears, but APs are a quick and cost free option for fine tuning. The conditions are simple: Knight Lv1, Melodies Lv4, Sonatas and self buffs. No extra temporary boosts such as Roses, Valiant, Stews, etc Screen your stats alongside the APs applied and let's get a feel what would be better, overall and in specific scenarios. Here are my 2 cents, please spare my weakness HP Setup: https://imgur.com/a/Bkq9yR3 P.Def Setup: https://imgur.com/a/8hfSOve This is one of the sanest part of the forum, so any positive contribution is welcomed. Cya shieldy broders! #Discuss Edit: Just tagging @Draecke, @Norbit, @Irlumir, @Irlumir2 (who's you?)
  17. Comparing AP Setups

    @Irlumir I mean, I already farm everything up to Elven and Superion, which is about the top PvE can get at the moment. Of course it can always be easier, but it's not like I can't perform properly. I'll admit I'm a bit jelous about the improvement in stats, amazing cubics and fricking broken Elemental defense, but I was born and will die a HK Sacrificing Cooldown and HP in the first row for P.Def seams quite legit tho, I'll try it on my own. You also have more HP with that setup that I do with full HP, damn I need the 4SA HP Cutter QQ
  18. Siege 27.05.2018

    If I checked right, all the owners managed to keep their Castle during last Siege in Chronos. I heard Dion saw the biggest battle this time. Any fraps or comments on our most recent 2 hour weekly ritual? We received a couple of visits in Heine from MS, even Zuzu came to say hi ^^
  19. Lol, saw you dancing at the end. To be fair, you all one-shotting all those dorfs with nukers is not too much different to the current situation
  20. Molensa is just taking the MS' motto: "Our enemies shall not XP" to proper action, plus if you have war and specially while hunting in group, you should be prepared for an enemy attack. On the other hand, I also have war with MS and was with Molensa in a random party doing AF Faction and a member of MS tried to pull the same game on us, but with different results, namely the MS member getting killed in his 2/3 excursions while only taking down the healer and/or Iss who were on neutral clans. Surprise is always an advantage, but you still to have to do the rest of the job, specially going Solo. People crying here about the only PvP being valid is the one staged, should ask their leaders to remove wars or move to another clan if they really think so.
  21. How to break HP Limit

    Debatable, considering Truffle's the only Evis that makes an impact right now in end-game PvP
  22. How to break HP Limit

    That's the most expensive punching bag I've seen in a while, buff included Cool stuff
  23. Comparing AP Setups

    150 STR, that's a lot for a tank. I also didn't go full CON because I realised STR was also useful for that same reason, double duration mostly as I think almost none of our skill works on instant reuse. I guess you are also using Offensive type armor, I can see the STR stew and I'm guessing also +4/6 STR Bracelet... I'm still missing around ~15 STR, possibly better Venir, Shirt and Emerald than me, but still that doesn't explain the gap Btw, even if you are not using CON, you are still using 7 AP points on HP, something that for example @Norbit doesn't. So you might reconsider adjusting that
  24. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    Wait, let me summarize this... > You frap PvPing with Molensa > You edit a video with those PvPs (at least the one you won, always supported ofc) > You upload the video on Youtube > You open a topic in forum adressing Molensa in the title > You say Molensa needs help > You say you won't give Molensa more attention (it is hardly possible to give more than you already did) Yeah... right dude, you make total sense ^^