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  1. Yesterday was HELL all time die for lag

    Stop make fantasy theorys to the ppl that reporting real moments of lag and lose all day coz u go to work/go sleep etc. Yesterday even to me i've tried even to move FoS in little spots. even there, moments of lag u start receive damages and vampiric and skills sux.
  2. im testing in these days, my same homunkulus advanced juju is not like first week of the patch. Now it trigger with loong time as before. PPL asked you to fix the spam in chat, and what you did?! JUST NERFED TRIGGER OF JUJU LOL! Just you continue in the direction of nerfs only instead of fix really the stuff, and bring on you the hate of ppl because when you see u little good stuff you ASAP go to nerf. GoodJob.
  3. @Juji @Hime Please, you have to fix something. the fact is in every updates u made hards economy/adena ninja nerfs. Epic Bosses are impossible for the normal ppl, i've joined in 5 (FIVE) cc partys with good good ppl and got 1hour per instance to finish the bosses coz need very powerful dps and high lvls. Have u think about the rest of server are OUT of them? these bosses were farmable by everyone before to make some money but now not. So nerf economy cant farm anymore by all. No more open world bosses for example to take full parts of weapons/armors r99 and r110, dyes, silenite, dye crystals, artifacts, rune stones. economy nerf & gameplay Drops adena from mob now u have chance to don't drop any adena, another ninja nerf. Balok before was a great way for every human person to make some milion or learn ur basilar skills, but now u made 21ppl to drop 1 rune stone, economy ninja nerf (double prices). Clan quests: reputation for clan cutted half, vit pot cutted half and the god sake Daily Coins removed. another nerf for gameplay difficult. Chances to get something good, spoil and craft mats to reselled, removed. another ninja nerf. We haven't any vitality rune 7-day for example for 200ncoins, that would generate a crazy micro-transactions coz even dont want spend anything will take it every 7days with this cost. Missing a lot of items because only when event is ON they are injected in gameplay, while rest of times will go up too much prices. Think about brooch, brooch jewels, cloaks, the scam shillen crystal, redcat eye (ah do you know in EU is it tradable and here not? why? more insane $$?).....nerf economy and gameplay hardest Party bonus to make deal exp and stay in party, dismissed, all want exp in solo, busy a spot for 1person only, who dont have gears can sux a life to take miserable exp. Even me in solo without vitality and with these craps %exp i stay a life all day in macro to dont conclude nothing. we cant stay a life here to make 1lvl. I have krishna weap+12 3sa & good augment, bloody set, legendary cloak+10, insanity, some boss jewels, skills +10/12, lvl 108, circlet radiant +2, lv.2 book artifact (but only full by +0 artifacts coz is impossible). I stopped to buy anything from l2store, coz events are really expensives casinò scams. I stopped to buy destiny pack coz too much expensive splitted from prestige and in anycase u exp really bad and long time. Next i really start to think to sell everything of char and quit from the game (for the clowns that will saying "mail me blabla", i dont email nothing i'll just resell everything and bye to this hell). Maybe better invest in EU
  4. server off

    Disable temporaly mentees method immediatly. then you can restore it when u fix. like u did with cursed weapon situation, we need URGENT disable mentees atm.
  5. like u did with cursed weapon situation, we need URGENT disable mentees atm.
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    like u did with cursed weapon situation, we need URGENT disable mentees atm.
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    disable temporaly mentees method immediatly, then u can restore when u fix ur troubles.
  8. Disable temporaly mentees method immediatly. then you can restore it when u fix.
  9. I don't know how to keep more clan members, friends, they are quitting 1 by 1 coz find immediatly gamestuck extreme hard gamelife for exp/farm/prices of stuff and impossibility to plan/study a reals situations to farm something of concrete to improve gears a day...can't do epic bosses, open world bosses can't drop r110 parts and now without special setting lost hope to lvl up before 1year...to make a party is really bad too much exp lost between members and they or go in Solo and then decide to abandon coz without gears ofcourse cant exp decent in solo... Ncwest, put inside GMs to see with ur eyes what we are talking about, do something
  10. As in the title, we are in the 2020year, Command Channel still not share exp and drops? Can u explain the logic of that if here exist one? You can say: "for the same reason we dont allow party of 14ppl". Well, the differences that can allow CC sharing drops/exp is that inside a party u take all benefits of healers iss etcetc, in CC not. But if u force ppl to instances/bosses only by CC to enter, why we dont share these stuff? @Juji @Hime
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    Man, they are absolutely not cry words, just a reaction to an unbelievable conduct and management. Too long times to take action (1day per week and byebye, "see you next wednesday and see igmf you're luck next time!") Game economy stuck and going up Gamelife stuck and prohibitives Hunting primeval isle desert No open world rbs to do and drop gears/value drops (i miss 2014) for farm No more epic bosses to join for all ppl like before, or ur'e high levels and hard geared or u can never do Hard expensive gambling events scams Ah my prestige was bought when thei announces new hardware machine and when was up i had changes extremely positive my atkspeed and i start trust them again happy, then i damn regret that coz i discovered lag incoming again!
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    And engage with all our guests moneys REALS developers conmpetence
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    Really, that's all? even this week? Really, substantially no changes and "we are continuing investigating"? Really, SHUT DOWN server at these conditions till you fix. Ah, refund my prestige i can't continuing farms any real stuff by lag and mobs reduction ridiculous.
  14. Suggestion macro Feoh

    Hello guys, can somebody help me with a strong macro and fastes for feoh? in particular human mage but no problem if another, will change only some name of skill but ill find the equivalent...i dont understand what to use in sequence and what's a deal coz i stay with some skill delay that stuck the speed..