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  1. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    totally agree with all points. Devs imcompetences destroying continously game, too hard, no market, no real farm to arrive something good, just crap sh1ts to take
  2. +1 do something is like lame that situation. give reward immediatly to who is lucky to get in handle from the floor and stop
  3. Are you SERIOUS ?!

    This is unbelievable system of queue: 180+ and when finally u enter after 1H the other client mysteriously crash instantly ?! FIX ASAP THIS ABSURD SITUATION ?! IN THE OTHER GAMES I NEVER SEEN A SITUATION LIKE THAT IN A OFFICIAL SERVER. THIS MUST BE SOLVED NOW ! NOT IN DAYS !!!
  4. i agree with him. When u are high geared u can plan for example with an high dex if u reached a fine p.skill crit rate and then switch enchant route skills from Focus to Break or P.skill powers...or if u need to increase more DEX to reach a fine base p.skill crit rate....or to know with ur gear and ur DEX to stop increase dex and continue nexts by STR...
  5. Exping ridicolous

    I dont know what changed but since some days now same FULL pt at EV or Alligator i take 300 milion for mob lvl103 no vitality etc (same conditions) Some weeks ago i got around 700 milions at mob. It's not funny this
  6. No more Advanced Aria Bracelet

    Welcome in lineage2 official, where the old and big people become more more differents for the common mortal people.
  7. Othell GH - Poison Swarm

    that is not true, for example even if i see yellow mobs at Hellbound and Enchanted Valley on mobs the skill enter all the times. For the flag risk is our problems such using aggro tank or others aoe skills lol
  8. Well i think in a system macro is impossible to use (and also confusionary to use when ur'e in action), most ppl abandon to use it!! Why dont change this useful debuff for us? 2 way: - Effect area around body charapter. - Launch at select target and make the area around.
  9. little stuff? im talking that with octavis bracelet + bottle = ehnanced octavis bracelet+1DEX then ehnanced octavis bracelet transformed in ARIA'S Bracelet+3DEX then ARIA'S Bracelet transformed in Advanced ARIA'S Bracelet+4DEX.