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  1. Exp/pt bonus, the server activity is totally DEAD. L2store mantein vit 30day buy Yul nerf removal (DESTROYED) Adjust insane requirements for brooch lv.3 Adjust insane requirements to seal jewels lv.3/4/5 Adjust prices to make new standard r110 sets No more crazy expensives cost and scam events.
  2. I would like speak to engineers that plans the fixes/manteinances/improvements. Just to say: instead to fix silly stuff like "improved HelloKitty app" why for christ sake dont do serious stuff that make 90%customers unhappy? Really, my Grandmà could be better x100 to improve here stuff.
  3. This nerf make yul sad and annoying, do something.
  4. gm really, why dont boost finally the rates, atm game server is DEAD...
  5. As in the title, w/o party bonus again no sense and NO RESULTS in exp. In a MMORPG is the best ridicolous situation that you don't have incentive of that!! SHOULD be permanent!! About vitality the SAME, you have some nice ways: 1) Vitality ALWAYS on by vit rune 3) Put in prestige pack MANTEINING VIT RUNE and increase price of 5eur
  6. +1 petition to show REAL % of enchants, chances of everything that they presents, they need regulamentation we are speaking of a lot of $$$$ and they CAN'T move in TOTALLY ANARCHY of rules, they are scandalous
  7. As the title, it's impossible to have many things stuck, not tradables, not sellable. Also, most of STUFF NOT AVAILABLE ingame like make jewels ruby/sapphire/etcetc, and who dont play into time during the EVENT cannot find ingame these stuff. Another thing: i've bought 4 agathions not tradables, enchanted and some stage12, well during Night Market Coins event i've bought the Evolution Stone and SURPRISE: not compatible with my agathion charms stage12 to evolve, 92349204823 differents stuff and cannot find support for these anymore, money WASTEDS. Is that all
  8. Noooo... PLEASE, ignore all these ppl that 99% are free pk-users and come here to QQ because they finished pk for fun or to stolen spots! WE WANT THEM TO GET RISK IF PK TO DROP ITEMS! SO ABUSING FINALLY OVER
  9. Stop make fantasy theorys to the ppl that reporting real moments of lag and lose all day coz u go to work/go sleep etc. Yesterday even to me i've tried even to move FoS in little spots. even there, moments of lag u start receive damages and vampiric and skills sux.
  10. im testing in these days, my same homunkulus advanced juju is not like first week of the patch. Now it trigger with loong time as before. PPL asked you to fix the spam in chat, and what you did?! JUST NERFED TRIGGER OF JUJU LOL! Just you continue in the direction of nerfs only instead of fix really the stuff, and bring on you the hate of ppl because when you see u little good stuff you ASAP go to nerf. GoodJob.
  11. @Juji @Hime Please, you have to fix something. the fact is in every updates u made hards economy/adena ninja nerfs. Epic Bosses are impossible for the normal ppl, i've joined in 5 (FIVE) cc partys with good good ppl and got 1hour per instance to finish the bosses coz need very powerful dps and high lvls. Have u think about the rest of server are OUT of them? these bosses were farmable by everyone before to make some money but now not. So nerf economy cant farm anymore by all. No more open world bosses for example to take full parts of weapons/armors r99 and r110, dye
  12. Disable temporaly mentees method immediatly. then you can restore it when u fix. like u did with cursed weapon situation, we need URGENT disable mentees atm.
  13. like u did with cursed weapon situation, we need URGENT disable mentees atm.
  14. like u did with cursed weapon situation, we need URGENT disable mentees atm.
  15. disable temporaly mentees method immediatly, then u can restore when u fix ur troubles.
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