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  1. So now is for sure better before but atkspd lag is affect like you have 1.000 atkspd i exp slow
  2. Thank you for your interesting now! is not sarcasm i say really now we see actions NOT only wednesday finally!! <3 Continue in this way plis and we will start trust your team again!
  4. Hello staff, im trying all time to make a strong party with all members with +12 bloody weapons and a perfect scheme, but if i calculate this IS STILL BETTER EXP ALONE OR DUO AND U ROCKS MORE MORE EXP.... Can you check it i dont lie... Please really, make interesting to make a serious party to make better exp when are togheters, we stay at lvl 107 95% of the times in macro, make it cheaper than go alone or in duo...i think 150/200%pt bonus is the very best fair way...really i have only powerful members but still sux exp with a full pt... Consider it @juji @hime is sad to say all time to friends "sorry i exp alone is not cheap"..
  5. it's UNBELIEVABLE they have only TO SHAME. and we can hope and have to wait ONLY 1 DAY PER WEEK for some their action, the magical wednesday!! LIKE THEY CAN'T WORK OTHER DAYS!!
  6. Just ordinary manteinance + 2click to delete something, that long time we waited for nothing for the game changes. All done, hard work. Impressive. Gz.
  7. In-Game Terrain Exploits

    lol a lot abuser here are QQing...funny...
  8. seven player exp party

    +1 wtf Completely useless to full a pt, remove the xp wasting and u will see finally all ppl to search pt all time and everywhere, not like now u consume only xp.
  9. 100%....after all this long time this is ur brilliant plan to compensation..... really...we are not chickens....as u all thinking.... also why dont put to really compensation ALL TIME gm full buffs, 200% drop rate, adena rate, adena 0 drop fixed?
  10. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    So? staff what think? situation is fine?
  11. Eviscerator VS World

    the problem is not eviscerator that be to nerf, or yul/aoe that do x damage coz is aoe.... The problem are the others DD single target, that have a HUGE difference and completely sux if u see an eviscerator. The best way is not nerf eviscerator but just only BOOST others single targets! Also look for example a Othel Ghost Hunter, lol his output dmg is embarassing if u compare with eviscerator. Like a keltir ghost hunter Only Eviscerators can do serious damages to new 105 bosses/instances. If u dont have him in party no other DDs can deal great damages and u fail it.
  12. Eviscerator VS World

    sorry i was meaning "They CAN tank and do a lot of dps..."
  13. Eviscerator VS World

    Why this DDs have an output damage and survivability HUGE than others DDs with the same GEARS? They cant tank and do a lot of dps for Strongs Bosses, Hard mobs, while all other DDs cant do anything of serious??? Have u think to get other classes Near/closed/similar to the eviscerator dps? i dont ask even the survivability, just have a sense with DPS the other classes.