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  1. Really, i was trusting you at last update and i bought prestige pack again. Now im damn regretting my decision and im wasting again my prestige pack for NO MOBS IN TIMEHUNTING ZONES THAT ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND LAG/QUEUE TO W8 MY ACCESS! You even didn't think to increase more party exp bonus to 100/150% and adena rate!!
  2. So now is for sure better before but atkspd lag is affect like you have 1.000 atkspd i exp slow
  3. Thank you for your interesting now! is not sarcasm i say really now we see actions NOT only wednesday finally!! <3 Continue in this way plis and we will start trust your team again!
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

  5. Hello staff, im trying all time to make a strong party with all members with +12 bloody weapons and a perfect scheme, but if i calculate this IS STILL BETTER EXP ALONE OR DUO AND U ROCKS MORE MORE EXP.... Can you check it i dont lie... Please really, make interesting to make a serious party to make better exp when are togheters, we stay at lvl 107 95% of the times in macro, make it cheaper than go alone or in duo...i think 150/200%pt bonus is the very best fair way...really i have only powerful members but still sux exp with a full pt... Consider it @juji @hime is sad to say all time to friends "sorry i exp alone is not cheap"..
  6. it's UNBELIEVABLE they have only TO SHAME. and we can hope and have to wait ONLY 1 DAY PER WEEK for some their action, the magical wednesday!! LIKE THEY CAN'T WORK OTHER DAYS!!
  7. Just ordinary manteinance + 2click to delete something, that long time we waited for nothing for the game changes. All done, hard work. Impressive. Gz.
  8. In-Game Terrain Exploits

    lol a lot abuser here are QQing...funny...
  9. seven player exp party

    +1 wtf Completely useless to full a pt, remove the xp wasting and u will see finally all ppl to search pt all time and everywhere, not like now u consume only xp.
  10. Eviscerator VS World

    Why this DDs have an output damage and survivability HUGE than others DDs with the same GEARS? They cant tank and do a lot of dps for Strongs Bosses, Hard mobs, while all other DDs cant do anything of serious??? Have u think to get other classes Near/closed/similar to the eviscerator dps? i dont ask even the survivability, just have a sense with DPS the other classes.
  11. 100%....after all this long time this is ur brilliant plan to compensation..... really...we are not chickens....as u all thinking.... also why dont put to really compensation ALL TIME gm full buffs, 200% drop rate, adena rate, adena 0 drop fixed?
  12. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    So? staff what think? situation is fine?
  13. Eviscerator VS World

    the problem is not eviscerator that be to nerf, or yul/aoe that do x damage coz is aoe.... The problem are the others DD single target, that have a HUGE difference and completely sux if u see an eviscerator. The best way is not nerf eviscerator but just only BOOST others single targets! Also look for example a Othel Ghost Hunter, lol his output dmg is embarassing if u compare with eviscerator. Like a keltir ghost hunter Only Eviscerators can do serious damages to new 105 bosses/instances. If u dont have him in party no other DDs can deal great damages and u fail it.
  14. Hello, why dont lighting the server by delete ingame ranking (immagin 500+ ppl that query ingame to see ranking) and put the old WEB ranking? is a suggestion.
  15. Why Angel's jewels are impossible that are unique with this bonus? U break even to +1 and we dont have ingame any Blessed Scroll!
  16. Eviscerator VS World

    sorry i was meaning "They CAN tank and do a lot of dps..."
  17. Boss jewels with P.Skill Crit Dmg/Power

    Why all boss jewels available ingame give bonuses only to P.critical Dam/M.Critical and NO P.SKILL CRIT DAMAGE? (look the expensive Ring of Authority, useless to increase dps who use skills)
  18. Unbelievable!! Why dont kick these developers, they have to change job!!
  19. so any news dev team ?!?
  20. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    totally agree with all points. Devs imcompetences destroying continously game, too hard, no market, no real farm to arrive something good, just crap sh1ts to take
  21. +1 do something is like lame that situation. give reward immediatly to who is lucky to get in handle from the floor and stop
  22. Are you SERIOUS ?!

    This is unbelievable system of queue: 180+ and when finally u enter after 1H the other client mysteriously crash instantly ?! FIX ASAP THIS ABSURD SITUATION ?! IN THE OTHER GAMES I NEVER SEEN A SITUATION LIKE THAT IN A OFFICIAL SERVER. THIS MUST BE SOLVED NOW ! NOT IN DAYS !!!