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  1. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    As a new player I like the free gear. But the adena and craft system is really 'bad'... We need more far play... The pay2win guys is always 1 shot everybody. Can't be like that. Normal people don't have ANY chance.
  2. Winter of War Patch Notes?

  3. Hello. The awakeing dungeon is bugged. The toon can't walk. Any news on that?
  4. Fix the Awakening Class Quest please! I can't walk there
  5. Huge lag

    Sorry bro. The server have NO LAG and NO DISCONNECTS. It's the ISP... Send a ticket and wait. If they do not response that. I give you a R100 weapon!
  6. Huge lag

    if you are going to fix the lag you could enjoy and also fix the random dc?
  7. Thanks for the info about random DC!
  8. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    Happen to me just now. Well. That's it. I will only play again next year when they fix it or I will just move to @mixa house for better ISP.
  9. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    One more week and no info... I been 3 days without any DC... But I know that is temporary
  10. At least we had some information about random 'DC'
  11. New players can't buy soulshots. You have to xp and farm without that firts. Or... l2store
  12. Elite Monster Reward Box

    No lucky this time I open 5 yesterday and get lucky Maybe is a very low 'chance'...
  13. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    Mixa doesn't have the problem and mixa won't admit that there may be a problem with NCSoft . Forget about it, we all have ISP problems . I want to see the day he takes 'DC' the cry that will be ... You can be sure ... That day will come. And I will be here
  14. R99 enchant table

    Uhm... this is amazing. 2
  15. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    Yeah... We all have bad ISP with BAD routers. Let's do this. What is Mixa ISP?