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  1. Can non US or Canada players join next time please?
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    I God I hope you don't add Essence style PK system where there is no consequence for being a pk player. Your gambling style events is starting to look like Essence now.
  3. Hi guys, what are the other use of the 16th anniversary coins aside from buying dice? I got more than i can buy dice for it.
  4. PK Abuse

    I made the same complaint a while ago wherein a higher level player keeps killing me getting into his spot... in fact that player kept killing anyone who gets to that area and wants to claim the are all for himself. When I raised the ticket, instead of the PK player getting punished, the nice people of NCSOFT turned it around and I was given the f#@!ng warning. They don't want to do anything about this crap system.
  5. Weapon Upgrade Question

    Oh thanks. I went to gludio and it was not an option there. Then I removed the item from my equipped items and boom it was there on the list... must have been a bug or something? Anyway thank you so much for your help.
  6. Weapon Upgrade Question

    Almost found it in blacksmith in Giran... now problem is there seems to be no enchanted option for dual krishna sword. damn. any idea?
  7. Weapon Upgrade Question

    Yeah there seems to be no option for that
  8. Weapon Upgrade Question

    Okay... so how do you get a normal weapon to blessed weapon?
  9. Weapon Upgrade Question

    Thanks. It seems only enchanted weapon can be upgraded to dark / bloody... how do you get enchanted weapon? Mine says augmented, does that mean I have to remove the augmentation?
  10. Hi guys, I have an R110 +10 weapon and I want to upgrade it to bloody or dark and I want to ask if you would lose the +10 enchantment when you upgrade to bloody/dark or does the weapon retain the +10 enchantment? Thank you in advance to those that can help me.
  11. Tyrr Changes

    There is a helper in the village that mentions there are changes for the tyrr and rogue class however I can't seem to find any info about that and I can't see any significant change with my tyrr and rogue character. Can anyone please give me a link to those changes mentioned?

  13. Lineage 2 remastered

    So will our accounts work on the remastered or we all have to start fresh?
  14. I was disconnected three times within 20 minutes. What the hell???
  15. Now I know how I breezed through 100 USD in one day last week without any real result!!! Dammit!!!