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  2. Lineage 2 remastered

    So will our accounts work on the remastered or we all have to start fresh?
  3. I was disconnected three times within 20 minutes. What the hell???
  4. Now I know how I breezed through 100 USD in one day last week without any real result!!! Dammit!!!
  5. need help, problem toggle skil/buff

    Made the same mistake first time I used an ISS. You're not the only one.
  6. need help, problem toggle skil/buff

    If the icon has those circulating green arrows then you can toggle by right clicking if it doesn't have that then you need to actively click it or write a macro and toggle the macro. If it has a circulating arrow and it does not activate by right clicking then you may have a faulty mouse like mine (double clicks).
  7. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    Don't be presumptuous so that you don't bleep up like you did. I would not think about my attitude as you are the first person to accuse me of being lazy. I'm just stating out the obvious with your wise *** comment. First of all, when I posted that question I have no bleeping idea at all what to do and what I have done so far in posting that query is nothing as reasearchin guides don't get me anywhere so yeah it's a blank slate so it is as it is a newbie asking for a guide. Simple.... but hey you are the one that came in and thought "what a lazy ass" then just bashed a newbie without even thinking as to why he may have posted such inquiry. If a newbie would come in and would ask a question... DUDE I WOULD NOT DO WHAT YOU DID. I can give a bit of advice now and I'm sure I won't call anyone lazy for just asking a question. In fact, a lot of people in game helped out... taught me what to buy, where to hunt, how to macro... lots of nice people I have encountered and I can count a few guys with my one hand those that were rude immediately when I asked AND DUDE YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.
  8. Good way to make some adena?

    Here are a few things I do. 1. Buy bulk items from the Auction Shop on cheap price and sell them per each on a higher price. Especially for items that people may want to buy only one piece from time to time. 2. I buy cheap non-enchanted gears or armors and enchant them to about +4 or +5 if possible then sell them. I haven't done this with weapons though. 3. Do a lot of dungeon quest as loots are oftentimes quite pricey. 4. I am looking at the possibility of making adena from crafting you may want to study on that possibility also.
  9. PK PK PK And More PK

    What do you mean 100% rez?
  10. PK PK PK And More PK

    Yeah and developers should just get over the fact that they will lose many new players that won't continue to play the game because leveling after 100 is hard enough without proper gear and no proper party you have to also face the fact that you get killed by players every hour or so.
  11. opinions on PKing in the game?

    If you are serious about your study well the PK in Chronos is bad. You can probably farm for about two to three hours then you get hit. Last weekend I got pk'ed almost 7 times in just one hour. That is for most areas with lots of players. For areas like Giants Cave there is hardly no pk players coming in.
  12. opinions on PKing in the game?

    College research??? seriously?
  13. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    Mostly I encounter nice people even those that PK you would laugh then add you as friend later if you complain to them a lot and if you die in a party dungeons a lot of leaders would not even kick you out. Most people are nice unlike most MMO and online game communities I have played these days. It's more positive experience as a newbie actually.
  14. Streamers

    Views would be very low that no one bothers
  15. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    You must by cynical to think that I did not do a bit of effort to research before posting. First there are huge lack of guides for lineage 2 game. Second, a lot of streamers and youtubers are using non english language. Third a lot of terms used by guides are abbreviated which is confusing to new players (ss, sc, es). Do you really think I have not stumbled upon your link before I posted this request? It took me a few more experience and a lot of lost adena before I actually understood those abbreviated guides. Third, a lot of guides are outdated. Had there been a better understandable guide, I would not have lost those adenas. It is a simple request from a newbie but hey you have to be the wise ass with the wise ass reply. You know that old term? If you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all? That advice would apply very well to you.