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  1. So you should have been there when toons were almost not moving and getting killed by mobs and they needed to restart the servers again and again and again until they fixed it but ppl lost a lot of time xp and even cash on purchasing almost worthless boost items so ppl spammed forum with complaint and complaints and complaints and to appease they gave gm buffs and month long xp buff... but they would not have compensated for that utter trash event had ppl not complained... I seriously doubt you have been here for "13 years"
  2. I'm a Tyrr Duelist and I am just wondering which Dual Class Skill better to get for the class, Berserker Rage or Master Rage?
  3. Hey guys, it should be very common but I could not find any article about enchanting accessories specially Baium Ring, Queen Ants Ring, Antharas Earring and Zaken and Valakas. Can anyone please point me to the right direction? Thank you in advance.
  4. Okay thanks. That is much clearer. Had this item on my inventory for sometime and never knew what it is used for. Really difficult having holding on to something you have no idea the usage.
  5. but what is it used for? just want to know the mechanics.
  6. Hey guys, Can anyone please let me know what is the use of Crystal of Determination? Like what it's for? How to use it? Which npc I can approach to use it? Things like that. Wiki is not helping at all.
  7. Aphilion


    Lineage 2 has some really fantastic art compared to all other MMORPG however there see there seems to be major lack of Official Merchandise you can purchase online for this game. Would be great if we have official Merch Store for t shirts, hoodies, phone accessories, etc. Please correct me if there is already an existing portal and kindly share on here the link.
  8. I God I hope you don't add Essence style PK system where there is no consequence for being a pk player. Your gambling style events is starting to look like Essence now.
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