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  1. opinions on PKing in the game?

    If you are serious about your study well the PK in Chronos is bad. You can probably farm for about two to three hours then you get hit. Last weekend I got pk'ed almost 7 times in just one hour. That is for most areas with lots of players. For areas like Giants Cave there is hardly no pk players coming in.
  2. opinions on PKing in the game?

    College research??? seriously?
  3. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    Mostly I encounter nice people even those that PK you would laugh then add you as friend later if you complain to them a lot and if you die in a party dungeons a lot of leaders would not even kick you out. Most people are nice unlike most MMO and online game communities I have played these days. It's more positive experience as a newbie actually.
  4. Streamers

    Views would be very low that no one bothers
  5. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    You must by cynical to think that I did not do a bit of effort to research before posting. First there are huge lack of guides for lineage 2 game. Second, a lot of streamers and youtubers are using non english language. Third a lot of terms used by guides are abbreviated which is confusing to new players (ss, sc, es). Do you really think I have not stumbled upon your link before I posted this request? It took me a few more experience and a lot of lost adena before I actually understood those abbreviated guides. Third, a lot of guides are outdated. Had there been a better understandable guide, I would not have lost those adenas. It is a simple request from a newbie but hey you have to be the wise ass with the wise ass reply. You know that old term? If you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all? That advice would apply very well to you.
  6. PK PK PK And More PK

    I wasn't even on macro the 5 times I got pk'ed. Two times of it I was even in a party. With the current respawn rate, bots isn't really the problem when trying to level up as I was able to level up while hunting and bots around me. It's the pk that is actually killing my xp gains.
  7. PK PK PK And More PK

    I know it is part of the game but it still is ruining my gaming experience and would most likely stop playing if this continues because it doesn't make sense to continue playing if you can't level up. Last night I got pk'ed like seven times. I got stuck in leveling up at 80% for two days... two freaking days!!! It's almost impossible to level up when you get killed every 10 to 20 minutes. This is ridiculous.
  8. Merging Server

    That sucks
  9. This name has been mentioned to me twice. Now I am curious who this guy is.
  10. Any idea where we can buy the Noble Upgrade Stone?
  11. lvl 105 can use r110 weapon >?

    I bout R110 weapon and the cost is actually lower than the current prices for r99 weapons
  12. Being drunk is the only way to game
  13. Because hunting spots above 99 is impossible for people with free weapons and armors so they stick to Blazing until they are able to buy better gears. If only Nsoft can add another location for lvl 99 farming or make level 100 doable for players gearing up it would not be that crowded.
  14. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    Hey thanks for the link but you know you should avoid shitty attitude like that as it would discourage new players from asking questions on here. Why not just post the link rather than add discriminating words. It doesn't cost anything to be civil and friendly. Thanks again.
  15. So the only way you would know they are bot or Macro is by killing the char. Basically you are interfering with peoples gameplay.