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  1. @Hime 2.75hrs = 3hrs 15 mins? lol or there is an hour whit more then 60 mins ya only in l2 i think xDDDDD
  2. U can also go and do quest to get those elcyum. That u are lazzy to make quest its not others fault just yours.
  3. @Juji i agree that we need to do something about RMT and bots but keep deleting quest and reguards is not the solution, The game already has 0 drops (only a few lv3/4 mats evry 3/4 hrs hunting) very low adena drop and no reguards from quest that help u improve your char and u going to listen 2 or 3 guys that if u check his log they dont play much and most of his gear was buy from RMT trading? Becose if we make counts u cant afford to buy 25/30b armor set and +12 bloody weapon whit what u get from a few instances even if u leave your toon hunting 24/7 u need like 12 years hunting just to
  4. yes i do but nothing they just dont move, also barricades dosnt disapper they should but no
  5. I just try today to do etina solo instance whit an iss 105 full gear +10 bloody weapon +12 3SA quite hard to kill 1st mobs cose npc just stay at begining and no move no help they BUG wen i pass to the 2nd stage to kill camille well was just imposible whitout NPC help. i try 3 times and always NPC just stays at start point no help no move. @Juji is it a Bug or is the way the instance is?
  6. He means that prices is going down on those stones whit the incoming new armors u need to extract the dar/bloody stones from armor to upgrade so.....
  7. @Juji WTF check adena/spoil/drop rates plz mobs droping 20 adena on hight lv places
  8. Best solution macro loop ends evry 30 min that way u has to be around to start macro again
  9. what about kercenus battle? it was just ending wen server down
  10. cmon feed the hamster on the wheel
  11. i think u has more chances to win lotery then something good at event xDDDDD
  12. by sure we do also the Myst soul crys only at this hours u find nice reguards and server down evry time reguard is about to end
  13. and down again set tersi this time at least
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