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  1. hime or juji respond

    @Hime u guys gonna do something today about the queue fail today? at least restart the server so bots got dc and more ppl can conect a daily reset is not bad idea to the queue problem is solved. dont u think?
  2. Hoy es viernes, así que ... olvídate de cualquier solución potencial
  3. Today is friday so... forget about any potencial fix
  4. Login server down?????

    and there is no chance someone from NC answer whit something either it seems
  5. @Hime I been traying to log since 5 hrs ago evry time its says login server error or your account is in use or wen i manage to enter to the server selection it say The client will be closed. Whant to continue. Is some sic Joke or what? 10 times i even make queue of 500 or so and then the same box pop up The client will be closed. Whant to continue. Woth thing is if login server not working i cant even log clasic or Naia server or Chronos or anything i make another post and someone just close it no answer, im dont whant to be rude but already seems like NCSoft is laughing on our faces
  6. at this moment is almost imposible to read something on towns just becose macro loop, so macro loop for shouts must be blocked. If u has a shop in town just set the sell on your text selling box. Hunt in some areas is imposible too becose macro AFK players just loop macro and leave for hours, so macro should be eternal loop u can just loop for 1 hr if u there u loop again if not there is a chance other player take the spot and i mean an active player. Dont forget macro afk is forbbiden, loop on macros is just for help in game so u can take a small nap not to leave your toon in a place for ever, and that works for shops too.
  7. its not bad idea macro loop stop wen 1 hr pass but reuse time thats not cool i use macro to buff for example what i use macro 1 time then wait 30 min to 1 hour? what about dances? Im not happy whit the guys full macro afk, but 1 hr macro is not bad and then stop loop if u there u can loop again if u afk u lose thats a good idea
  8. for the last 30 mins im traying to log and always says cannot conect to login server WTF i dont care about clasic i whant log in normal one NAIA @Hime @Juji @Conguero Someone plz answer
  9. Girian/ adena sellers

    Not only on Giran also on TI
  10. Ya that red was one of the guys who help me to keep other in line but any way it was 4hrs waiting to kill 1 dam mob, and after 4 hrs that line was even bigger and like 4 to 10 reds too
  11. TOATLLY INSANE!!!!! 3 to 4 hrs waiting to kill a monster @Hime make something about!!!!
  12. MAKE SOMETHING ABOUT 10 mins respawn is crazy!!! i been 2hrs here and if this keeps like this i has to be here 2 more hrs
  13. Esta mañana está esperando por más de 2 horas para matar 1 monstruo de búsqueda es una locura. ¿Por qué demonios haces una reaparición de 10 minutos en un monstruo de búsqueda en el lugar en el que puedes encontrar alrededor de más de 50 personas esperando matar al mismo MOV de Fkng! @Hime
  14. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

    Wne u going to fix the Nahia problem whit BOTS? avry single place for hunt from lv 80 to 95 is full of them check Fairy/Bloody Swampland/Kamael village Zaken and wnesday/saturday just at reset time 1000 of RMT in auto making the raid freya/zaken

    Bot master detected! u whant proof i has videos/screenshots of those places and i already send several tickets but NC do nothing about