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  1. even on their twitter pages ppl complain https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps/status/1278160341332090880 https://twitter.com/NCSOFT_West/status/1397319757456580609
  2. lol look ppl complains in their Twitter pages https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps/status/1278160341332090880 https://twitter.com/NCSOFT_West/status/1397319757456580609 and here nothing change
  3. bro maybe learn to read better. He asked for a "improved" greedy chest system and not like before abusables by cams+adrenaline.
  4. Hello, i was collecting same to my friends all circlet scrolls and i was waiting the new update coz i was inactive, also, i didnt know u were removing this option and i wasted my collection really destroyed my wish to upgrade my kaliel and others by exchanging scrolls to Noble Upgrade Stones for Crystal of Dawns...really and i was waiting the update...I've tried to contact Support by Ticket, they answered me they are not able to exanchge my scrolls to crystal of dawns but unique possible was try to ask in forum to our GMs... If @Juji and @Hime please, can add for like 1week or some
  5. Anyone have some info about this new company merged to ncwest? who are them? all guys hope in some shock activity by them, coz we are all under a dead staff!!!
  6. And don't forget u can't compare the conseguences between different regions, they have more more better gears medium, like we can speak greater jewels and more, here we are papers and stuck for example most to lv.3 jewels.
  7. Ncwest, are you looking now the our situation in our servers? excluded the top-premium-ultrapoket players i mean. Here with our average gears it's an destruction change, really i need to shot slowly idk numbers of aoe to make a critical!!! and i boosted all on p.skill critical chance and it's all useless!! Here with our medium levels/gears than other regions got really differents conseguences! if u want BALANCE you have to INCREASE other classes, NOT NERF with this hardcore difficult gamelife! Even the Eviscerator is UltraPowered, look the crazyest amount o
  8. There isn't luck with Ncwest, only scam you should know it, and complain don't change the truth, no one care about our complaining and not one admin will answer because you are the cow and they are the farmers, so you can decide to give more milk or start to change your mind. Ando i really appreciate you as player, and i like so much your videos on yt, i hope you can win what you need soon, but this event is an illusion where you think to have a possibility to win the big prizebut in real there isn't concrete chances, like you said it's a lotto. Since 2004 this game is made for busin
  9. I did Maestro and i find it funny, i bought the 500ncoin equip for 1 mounth and i'm almost 105 with a bd iss Saw that the armor with 500ncoin is powerful like a +8 r99 and weapon too, bought it because i saw that finish the exalted quest take much time: i'm at first quest and i'm level 104 with only 17000 pieces of 40000... When i hit 105, is better to go for dual class directly or not? Any advice for dual class for both my chars? Thanks in advance, i found all yours advices very helpful!
  10. o_O i only did 0 - 102 from friday to today, and i'm grinding in war ton plains, 24h with iss in pty that help doom ... surely i'm doing something wrong.... i try with a reroll but i choose maestro cuz i dont like evi so much... wasn't maestro (shield and mace?:O)
  11. Tyrr Doomb sry, ah the worst... lol nice choice i took.... so now reroll or change the main in Doom is the only solution... How about dual class? They are like the old subclasses? with passives on main class or can i just rush to 105 and use start the dual class as main and so change the iss in something better? I imagine that the best is the dancer
  12. Until 110 i go with quest equip? And sry but up this iss iss or domi eq (R110 weap excluded) or both? Domi now need light or heavy set? They gave me a default heavy set, wasn't they in light? Thx alot, surely i take it with patience but i rly appreciated that i have all up there
  13. Hello everyone, i'm another old player that come back, obiviously i alrdy know what i'm doing, like all crazy ppl playing l2 atm.... it's like 2 years that i don't play so, i did new chars for start the new adventure. What should i buy with nc coins and sell for some adenas? I always loved enchanters so i created as main an Iss Hiero (102 atm) and a Tyrr domi (101-102 for help him)... what should i buy as armor and weapon? How much nc coins i need for that? Any tips for leveling is appreciated and if u know an active friendly guild thx in advance.
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