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  1. So after daylight savings, swords will be at 3:30 pm PST, during the work day. Where do we start a petition for an NA timezone server?
  2. I don't know how to explain it in more simpler terms. 2 or 3 hours earlier = work = no USA time players = no pvp
  3. There already exists a server for the european timezone. You're proposing to alienate North American players in a North American server b/c you're losing. You transferred TO an NA timezone server and want to change it.
  4. I moved like 4 times since then.
  5. Location - PNW Server - Chronos Delays - when combining items or upgrading artifacts Slight delay in item use from inventory
  6. Disconnecting ONLY on the Olympiad toon and not on any other client or application. Doing nothing but standing in town not interacting with any NPC's. Losing 60+ points per disconnect before you port in is ridiculous. Fix your system and stop blaming your players for your poor infrastructure.
  7. Time for an overhaul of the class. All summons have been pretty useless for ages now. They're just waiting for the neglected classes to reroll so you spend more $$ on ncoin to catch up in level.
  8. I've had issues since yesterday with login and lag and disconnects. Pacific Northwest - Comcast. I have to start the NCLauncher anywhere from 1-30 times before it even lets me attempt to log in. I've restarted, checked files, flushed the dns, restarted the modem, disabled the firewall, etc. Still having disconnect issues on multiple PC's.
  9. Where were all these tears about timezones when your side had 4 to 5 parties at swords every night? Are you sleeping during this time and after when you PR/BSOE from wartags and pop skills in town? That's interesting.
  10. Oh yea let's make it so NA players are unable to participate in anything. It's like we need a separate server with EU timezone events or something that will cater to the EU players. Oh wait, we do! It's called Naia.
  11. Agreed. Showing "high" chance for both outcomes indicates a 50/50% chance. Tests by numerous individuals has proven that this is not the case. This is at best misleading your playerbase, and at worst, outright lying about the odds. The % rates are posted in other regions, why are they not posted here? Are the rates lowered for the NA servers? If so, what is the justification for this? If not, why not just translate the rates from the other regions? You're forcing these players to gamble without giving them a honest and clear picture of the possible outcomes. This applies to enchants, craftin
  12. The olympiad list is too jumbled. I can understand the _naia and _chronos, but why include the GMT+1 and GMT-2. Too much information is unecessary clutter.
  13. The 14 man clan mechanic was one of a couple things that were put into to place to protect against the big clan that goes around declaring wars on smaller clans and halting progression on a one sided server. The other was that clans did not have to accept war, however, the bigger clans have found ways around that by forcing players to kill others in a similar method as shown in the video regarding the PK bug. The only thing protecting the smaller clans right now from getting zerged out of existence is the 14 man clan rule and you guys want to remove that too. LOL Why are you so scared of
  14. With people disconnecting from unstable servers, how does it make sense to lose 63 points when you disconnect prior being ported into an Olympiad match? That's beyond ridiculous when servers are working correctly, not to mention when you can't fix your server stability issues. It's not any better when you disconnect mid-match either, or when you're mid port into the round. 20+ point losses due to unstable servers beyond a player's control is too high a penalty and needs to be changed.
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