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  1. I'll just be excited when the auto-attacker damage and magic critical damage update comes over from Korea... so that characters other than tyrr and yul become more viable again.
  2. Houston, Texas No Melee lag has returned as a constant since the ranking system went back up. Before that it was really smooth! Any Daily instance, Ketra parties, Timed Zones
  3. What feels really bad about this ranking system is that while I'm top 2 in my class and receive the Top 10 Class buff, as soon as the ranking system went back up, my hit lag is so bad I kill at a fraction of the speed. It seems the amount of resources the ranking system requires means the combat system suffers GREATLY. I smashed Tycan k120 in 18 seconds without hit lag and now require several minutes to do so. But at least I have 30 more attack attribute due to class top 10? :(( Returning the melee classes to their RIGHTFUL pace of combat would be a much bigger buff than the top ten cla
  4. lol...actually you will get a lot of roses, honey beers, dragon pots...did you not read the list of what they will give out? Still...I agree they should change the clan shop. But the event isn't just giving Clan Rep points
  5. Interesting that I've seen people say the stats don't apply--mine do! I can toggle on and off communion and see the stats increase and decrease proportionately.
  6. @HimeAny chance the +16 Krishna weapons from the screenshot contest will be sent during this maintenance? Dying to try it out! Thanks!
  7. Helpful hint to those are upset about the winners because they had 50 mobs and 10 skills in the shot: They want the shots that show-off the game's graphics, texturing, and environments. Turn your graphics off of lowest settings (polygon mode) and compose a shot like you're taking a real life picture. Rules didn't say to have mobs in the shot so why cover your character with mobs, text, and so many skills you can't even tell what's going on? It wasn't about trying to fit as much stuff in the shot as possible. Designers call this concept 'economy' and it means don't put in unnecessary extra s
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