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  1. Server lag

    i not like bots, but i cant put the blame in bots if is not your' fault. Anyway ncwest need ban all and not doing nothing about this.
  2. Server lag

    Well, the problem is like hime ,juji whatever from ncwest says is the latency ,but many ppl want try put the fault in the limite accounts, bots ,auto macro crying everyday. All know before this last update of fafurion with bots,macro etc all fine. So stop cry guys and stop put the blame in others things.
  3. Game problems

    wtf happening with this game? always bug/lag/dc/ server down .......... and all ppl playing like this is not good, many friends mine no log in anymore because that (for no waste time with those things what happening). come on fix the game!
  4. Patch Notes

    So, the major updater is next week and still no patch notes ....really??
  5. August preview.

    So, No August Preview?
  6. Siege System Dead

    All clan's active (not box) deserver one castle for fight
  7. Siege System Dead

    hi all, for start i'm not from nova/ms/max/dh. this is a important thing for all know, siege system dead and all know that.... but why? well ,because the High's clan ppl dont know how play a real siege , take all castles with box clan and dont let the small's clan take, so why ppl go siege if cant fight for your castle? why ppl no fight for your castle only??? because all are naab and if continue like that the siege really will dead literaly. u guys need fight for each castle what u want not for take all with your's box's clan. let the small's clan's fight too and go happy. sorry if i have bad english but i thank if ppl understand and try play better