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  1. Speaking of DD in Ketra, how would a 106 Duelist do there? was going try but low and behold the server announced down time when I was logging in. you wold prob die from aoe and do no damage. 110+ with decent gear minimum req.
  2. the difference is most single target melee toons dont spam skills constantly like skill based classes do. so the lag is more pronounced. also: you think the player base hasn't exstensively tested ways to get around it on pc side? for a year now?
  3. hmm servers up only a few min after the IT guys meme. Was roy right all this time?
  4. yes, i DC several times a day since update. the game has become unplayable.
  5. Show us the numbers for the changes to xp in zones.
  6. even thier personal living situation factors into it at that level. i know quite a few of the top groups actually live together.
  7. i been here since beta, but missed the last like 2-3 years. i know about the past. i would say there is no "rouge" anymore, they are all just DD now. The way tyrr are built, they are some failed hybrid of melee DD and CC. I wouldnt expect a full party XP to be the best outside of instances, but it doesnt make since for any DD to get top XP solo, period. Ideally a small specified party should be your best chance at xp for any class. Im playing a healer now, since NOBODY wants to play it. You literally have to make a DD toon to level with if you want to keep up with anybody. I used archer as exa
  8. I understand why it is this way. Its mostly due to the economy of coin. price of coin on this server is higher than the others. So yeah, if your gonna invest hundreds or thousands into a toon, archer is the only real option. best bang for your buck. but this is the problem. you can spend 3x as much on any other toon and not get the same results. this is broken. this is against basic game theory.
  9. Do some testing on your own instead of looking at what the TOP players are. There are many factors in why they are top, not just what current meta is. Any toon with equal gear and level doesnt compare to what archers are capable of. also those 3 classes you listed, are single target. archer does just as much damage aoe. Plus i never mentioned damage, i said they out xp. go troll elsewhere.
  10. Most players say the "weaker or lesser classes" are broken and need buffs, this may be true for a few, but in reality the archer is whats broken, and breaking the entire server.
  11. Archers have always been at the top top of L2, this is no secret, but now its gone too far. A solo archer can out XP any class by an exponential amount. I have seen archers do over 700T in a few hours in coal mines, no other class can even compare. (this is mostly to do with multi arrow's mechanics, and coal mines, but still.) Add a ISS running to a pet and its even worse. (this should be nerfed immediately). If you look at any of the main XP zones, its all 1 or 2 toons per group of mobs. This limits the spots available as there are less players per spot. The most efficient way for any DD to x
  12. tank and heal get more points per kill? that's honestly just insulting to a healer. so i get a whole 4 points instead of 2? and not ISS? tanks have a much better chance at this than iss do. if you couldn't take buffs in like oly i would understand, but this makes no sence.
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