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  1. tank skills make players flag with out holdint CTRL ? was wondering what one does it just switched my dual
  2. please for the love of god stop putting hero xp scrolls in events or add 4 more 0's on the end !!!!! 100,000,000xp is like killing 1 monster in game totally most usless event item to ever get more usless then bsoes lol
  3. I agree, we need drops back. live players not being able to farm gear is hurting them more then it hurts bots/adena sellers.
  4. why did u lose xp ? if u die relog get rezed and take new pom and BR go back in . I die 5 times on last boss lost 0 xp.
  5. people normally make parties when there instance zone resets. you can also try making a party room and starting one at peak hours.
  6. the test was with new changes not in game yet I think.. next week should be better
  7. have you guys tested this to see if it will help a lot ? I mean the big problem most people having is the damage these mobs / bosses do. please test this on a lvl 100 toon lol!
  8. they should cut the bosses damage in half. and the amount of attacks to get the shields off in half and triple the amount of marks each run gives event will be good.
  9. Please fix paid for vip now cant even log in !
  10. attendance and double xp on weekends just happened for free.
  11. lol classic ncsoft ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
  12. I think innova owns the rights for lineage 2 in EU now so don't think they can.?
  13. My guess is server maintenance is during there work shift. There work hours are is based just like this game/servers are in the USA. Only thing euro about the game is in game times?
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