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  1. As the title says this is a regarding a ban that came after a ticket for restricted account on site to buy Ncoins. Character name BornToBeHealer is part of our CP and he was recently perma ban from the game because he made a ticket to remove restriction from site account to be able buy ncoins. All of our cp tried to contact support by making tickets regarding the issue but all of us got the same automatic reply "we will investigate" "after investigation account found to be part of a violation". What kind of support gives that answer to a guy that have spend 3 years of supporting ncsoft a
  2. Hi, When we enter the goldberg room we are not able to move at all. Its like the whole game is lagging. This is not playable at all. Fix it as soon as possible
  3. After the major update that took place on 16th January the game play has change a lot. Many people complained about macro,ss,items etc. I tried to make an effort and give the new interface a try. I'm playing a cardinal as main and i have faced a major issue, the new auto use skills might be very handy on some characters but on healers is a nightmare. Imagine that you are playing on siege or war or raid etc. and you have a single target to heal and have a very good position, then suddenly you start and heal yourself because the target "cannot be seen" (the target is in front of you) and yo
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