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  1. Om took me 2 hrs to log in and now i got dec from my 2 accounts... OMG !!! I give up...
  2. Renew the 6000 days code , we may get it again that sounds the bell
  3. That's right, 10 hours in a row, 15 years ago the old school ... Besides, there were many more players on the servers and there was no delay, no queue. Beer and good music and some tequila late at night to motivate ...
  4. We still lose experience, it is very annoying to wait for hours to enter the server, a queue of 653 players is simply too much, this denotes a deficiency in the server's capabilities, translated into loss of experience and your time in runes etc., I really think that the directors must take action and extend the event for one more week with 100% bonus as well as the times of our runes, such as prestige, xp, sp, drop, vitality, etc ...
  5. Come on Really ?? 600 players in the queque ????? almost 2 hours waiting and dec me again ? Jesus !! Come on !!!
  6. Is correct, more interesting quests and maybe some drops, even if they are lower lvl, that makes the game interesting nothing more exited than to see a drop in your inventory, i been grinding for months and have not get any item, that takes down the spirit... btw the aden treasure chests = 70k pffff bla bla bla ( need more places for polers )
  7. We need Dual Class to Main Transfer Service!
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