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  1. So no macro?

    like many others ive loved lineage, since L1 to L2. L2 definitely my favourite, since the brown dirt of beta.. i don't mind to play l2 2 hours a day during the week and more on weekends but judging by all the responses, there will be just the botters to play with if it is the end of l2, it's a sad end - people are angry/bitter but foremost we are sad.
  2. Releasing an update without releasing some instructions or videos from the l2 website to assist.. i guess this means, the player community needs to help each other. certainly discouraging to play, oh wells..sigh.
  3. Auto Hunt with Manners On

    can i ask if anyone else has noticed that the Auto hunt with manners on appears to be MOVING onto the next mob b4 the party has finished killing it.. It's fine when i toggle it to Manners off, and i only afk a maximum of 5-10 minutes as i like to be on live when im playing l2. i tested it by letting another DD (from the same party) do more damage and the Main Assist with the Auto hunt on, moves onto the next Mob...
  4. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    To NCSOFT: Please at least consider the voices of many. it's easier to simply ignore. lastly These messages from people appear to be a genuine concern and love for L2 - the L2 that NCSOFT has created.

    OMG INGWAZ!!!! Thank you so much, i always did the standard /assist but didn't do the "/attack" nor did i know you can toggle the macro with a RIGHT CLICK. saves me getting RSI from running 5 clients. you saved my hand. Kind Regards, Kind

    Hi, i was hoping someone would bring this topic up, especially with the current L2 driven auto hunting toggle(with close or long distance toggle). im new(to this server) so playing solo for now, i have a main Kamael DD auto hit and i'm always on the healer. i heal where appropriate. is there a special macro for at least 1 other DD to help hit? or do i always have to toggle between the clients and double click to assist? kinda a silly question, i've always wondered i've seen partys doing this. When clearly the person isn't there after you talk to them for a while. Thanks in advance.