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  1. My char isn't new, I did Etina solo some days ago and it worked for me o_________o
  2. Agree with you, now Sigel sucks. That class needs more p.def, p.atk and above all magical/physical reflect skills.
  3. Yes, it does. Yesterday I had the same problem, and when you are collecting mobs for a quest, it's very boring...
  4. Why doesn't npc Trandon/Gallias drop books/certificates to learn the dual skills? Is it a bug or what? Because all of my friends received their certificates/skills in the past (and before being lv 105/110). Where are all the other certificates, lv 85, 90, 95, 99, 101, 103? Any help is welcome.... https://ibb.co/XssT8Jb
  5. Just some suggestions. ITEMS: All items should be tradeable or sellable. In this way poor players can make some adena by selling items received from rb, quest (es. exalted gear, shadow weapons, and so no); or the same event items (eg. letters). Also, let grocery shops to sell rune stones, books to enchant skills, and other items, so to low prices in Auction and private shops. SKILLS: All classes (but the Iss) have received new skills: basic buffs until lv 5. Please, low those buffs (or limit them) to Lv 1 only. Because of that update, the Iss class is almost useless now. Th
  6. Oh! I didn't know. Thank you very much, Aleppo!
  7. Juji, the Dual Maximum HP skill is bugged. Instead of adding 1926 HP, the skill gave me only 468 HP. Please, fix it. Thanks. https://ibb.co/TT0zCm1 https://ibb.co/hZSs5xf
  8. I am playing on classic server as orc mystic and I want to become shaman by quest. When I go to the Npc, it says that I don't have Npc's minimun quest requirements. Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug? Thanks for any help. https://ibb.co/syVTjg7 https://ibb.co/LRQDmRV
  9. Dim Rift doesn't exist anymore. https://upload.forumfree.net/i/ff11949029/naia1.jpg
  10. Hi GM. I don't know if it's a bug, but it seems that the blood requiem skill doesn't work properly. I tested it on Yuyurinas, Popobenas and other mobs in Atelia Refinery, and it didn't work, I mean, I didn't receive the 80% vampiric rage effect. Please, take a look at it. Thanks.
  11. True, it's the most stupid update ever. Dim rift, pagans temple, seal of shilen, cemetery, kartia and many other quests have been removed and now the game is fkn boring. Take a look at Naia, it's an empty server, many players left and it's even hard to make a normal party.
  12. Maybe removed? Many quests have been removed from the game, for example kartia, pagans temple, dimensional rift, seal of shilen, cemetery and so on. I loved them, and I played there all the time. Now, after the update, I play less. Some friends stopped of playing for the same reason. .
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