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  1. Event BSSR <-> SSR exchange option

    +1 to this !!!!!! i have 200 BSSR packages !!! and im a warrior !!
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

    Fixed an issue where the amount of Adena dropping in the Isle of Souls was incorrect. the prestige pack was good!!! Farewell!!! PP! thanks for all
  3. Main class

    you need to check your level! Ok you are 106!!! not big deal, need to be higher regards
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    100% agree too! no way, f2p REAL game converted to p2w REAL.

    sad AND true! we are abandoned to our luck

    oh come on!!! 3 month and still no fix for this problem!!! I consider myself a client of this game, because I invest money in it. But there are never solutions for melee lag attacks. 3 months since the problem started. the server is light, and there is no problem. it gets heavy and lag starts. he begins to see the queue to enter and the speed attack from 1500 goes to 500. PLEASE FIX THIS QUICKLY, we are several and we pay prestige package and other things. It is disrespectful to old players. PLEASE FIX IT! It's taking too long to fix this. Regards
  7. i report haresment behaviour to our lovelys GMs
  8. They should be ashamed if they know that concept. I pay a lot of money, for this?
  9. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Prestige Pack subscribers between August 7 through October 29 will receive a Trick-or-Treat Bonus Pack. A serial code will automatically be available to apply on the account management page with the following items: Drop Rune 200% 7- Day Pack x4 XP Rune III 200% 7-Day Pack x4 SP Rune 200% Pack 7-day x4 Bloody Rune Pack (30-day) x1 PLEASE GM!!! PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US MORE TIME !! =::(
  10. Dragon Pouch, Shame on You

    Thanks i almost give my money to them, im always buy, and i always get crap. NC always give to me bad rewards when i buy event items. i hope some day they change their rate in the prizes. in a previous event i get almost 20 lvl 8 mermodem soul stone. 20 of the worst item for selling. no drop in mobs , no adena in mobs and low chance to get items when you buy it to them. PLEASE check your ways to give ppl a good stuff for more fun and more equal game, between players
  11. Dragon Pouch, Shame on You

    it is simple , stop buying! or go to casino.
  12. Gz

    I take this time to write to you and really, in a good way to tell you that the changes they have made to the game have really pleased me. I am an old school player and I find that the game has improved and enriched a lot. Thank you very much for all dev team and GMs. and thanks to your support team, for supporting us, sometimes, annoying customers. Long Live Lineage II I don't understand the hate that some deliver with maybe some changes. but hey! recognize that the game has changed and for the better, in many ways. regards your friendly something Lanza Internacional Vioh ! ?