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  1. You and your Dev Team, are making fun of the players and consumers !! Are 100 COOKIES + 1 MILLION ADENA FOR A VITALITY TONIC a joke? GG L2 Team
  2. Yes , that happends when you change main to dual and vice versa. you need to restart game.
  3. gameguard error 620 660. why ? i dont made change to my PC @Juji @Hime help pls ?
  4. As a player, would you like the quest missions to come back?
  5. any news about the etina solo instance miss link ? @Juji
  6. We have temporarily removed the Greedy Treasure Chest NPCs from all hunting zones until further notice. Excellent news!! maybe is a good idea insert the greedy treasure chest on dailys instances zone! :D Baylor, Kama, Gludio, Etc, Etc
  7. I hope the GM JUJI and HIME are aware that the players and several are paying a membership service and we have endured them for more than 2 years with the LAG issue. Enough is enough and I think you should check that too. we have been quite patient with their problems that we players who pay for runes and prestige pack generate.
  8. the lag is worse than any other day nothing changes, we're just walking backwards... PLEASE DO SOMETHING FOR THE LOVE OF SHILEN !!!!!!
  9. Hi , and thank you for asking 1. South America - Chile 2. No , im not using VPN 3. always when the server is on HEAVY duty 4.Affects me in the attack speed , i hit like i have 600 points of atk speed when i have 1500 points of it. TY
  10. Please Bring Back the quest and faction quest !!!! i miss those too !
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