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  1. need to take a look into enchant for this crap i've spent billions on sp and never goes to 3rd part of the first section in communing enchant.i know its chance but i have used 30+ maybe enchants and allways goes back to start?
  2. I do see a lot of players pouring tons and tons and tons of salt on the forums.Sadly I have the and a few grains of salt myself,if your going to to put a bs login q at least make sure that works I am always getting the client will close , continue , ok the only option after going down in the q about 20-30 places :(( anyone else getting this or just me ?
  3. I hope its for sorting cloak enchant success rate because best I could get is +5 out of 40 scrolls
  4. Christ I near fell off my chair …. go kitty cat go!!!
  5. should do server maintenance every day for like 20-30 mins might be more stable instead of 1/week
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