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  1. Necro + Box.

    Hi! I’ve been playing L2 since 2003 and I’ve always played Necro. I have 6 more chars around lvl 6X but my main Soultaker in Naia is Lvl 83. I never reached top levels because I’ve been back and forth and lately stopped playing in 2015. But I think the main reason is that I’ve played solo 95% of the time and I never ever used dual box. This time I plan to join a clan in Talking Island to make it better and enjoy playing in parties but sometimes I’ll need to go solo because of lack of time. I never had MP issues maybe because BTM helps a lot and I always used bss. Many ppl is answering posts highlighting that is “impossible” to go pve with no boxes so I was thinking on trying at least 1 box. My question: If I use a box, only one, the best option would be SE? If I use two boxes instead SE + EE, should I try SE + PP? (I can get Clarity fishing). I have knowledge about buffs and recharges but never played healers or rechargers and as I said, never played with boxes so please, I need advise about the best option to level my necro and some tips about how to play this setup. I have no idea about 2boxing so I don’t even know If you guys play putting your chars in party or just take the supports to buff/heal/recharge. I’ll add: I will have other chars in my main account, maybe bounty/war smith so I’m also thinking on a setup that can help them either. I’m never on a rush grinding to reach top level, I enjoy the game after my Real Life so please if you can answer taking that in count should be great. Thanks in advance.