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  1. Good for you! Hope they always unlock your accounts, because otherwise there will be nothing you can do to reverse it !! It is none of your business but my accounts are all clean, I play the same way in all and only one has been blocked .... More my complaint here is not for the lock but for the lack of clarity in the process! I Forun is to post questions, complaints and suggestions ....
  2. I'll follow! I don't live in lineage and you?
  3. So you play practically a year on the server of the guys, then one day they decide that your account will be banned .... So you think ... It's an American company, they are competent and fair. You send a tickt to question the reasons, as your account is clean, you believe that you will surely realize that it was a mistake, that the system randomly banned you or etc ... Even because you know there are hundreds of accounts clearly practicing illegal acts. , and still there every day logging in and playing (bots). Not my friends, I'm sorry informal but that's not how Nsoft treats its customers ..
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