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  1. use /block, will solve your problem. use /allblock to solve your problem more. use alt+j to solve your problem with every aspect. if nothing of above will help, use uninstall L2
  2. you can use vitality too for enchant points, hyperlite never did it because..?
  3. yes and its not problem but feature, works as intended. if you cant use your head to think, you have to test it why it happens
  4. use your head to think whats difference between then and now. come on, you can do it
  5. stop trolling mixa, trying to help people to get top reward (hi juji)
  6. fix your education, this is not bug and works as intended since before your lame toon was created
  7. 20 bilions for one bottle, nice reward and gz
  8. your screens arent working so here is mine
  9. I picked my rune stones from dim raid coins right after update went up. I got 3 chars 105+, me, iss and healer.
  10. Dimensional RB. I don't spend money.
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