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  1. no, there are no level requirements anymore, you can wear R110 gear from Lv1.
  2. thanks for possibility of vitality restore, but I doubt this adena sink from servers will help massive inflation. its good start.
  3. because they know code to apply. if you have code, you can pick rune. I passed this because its xenophobic some countries can pick and some cannot. Also for waving to our game boys and girls, check when they last visited forums before you become too naive
  4. giving someone items for free is one of the worst things you can do to other player. same goes for real life. if you want something, go for it, sacrifice something to achieve it. if you get it for free, you wont take it as precious and also you will lack skill to achieve something yourself.
  5. Well, I just share some information about last log on forums of these boys and girls from l2 team: juji: November 19 sunshine: October 29 lime: October 21 hime: Yesterday at 01:52 AM (maintenance note posted (Yesterday at 01:48 AM) I'm very amazed there are people still spending or paying for prestige.
  6. i hate new look, luckily i play afk most of time.
  7. in Party Matching right now is around 700 parties, I would say there are also 700 active individuals playing on naia. I also think there is about 1500 accounts with prestige on, that makes it $22,500 monthly income just for prestige for NCWest/Naia.
  8. I remember juji as Moderator1 on old forums with famous sentence "I don't care" in voting about how much you like game/update.
  9. compound rate isnt definitely what it says, wanted my greater emerald lv3, after 10 gem energy used only one made it to lv2 we educated ones can even calculate probability of this happening. It's 4.03%. If it would happen to me only, i would say bad luck, but seems I'm not only one.
  10. Well, page didnt say advanced ones, but I hope you will get your money back.
  11. Not many people have all 3 skills on lv30. Depends how many toons you have for farming lv110 location, if you push hard enough to make 6 toons (3 windows x 2 hours) and you get lucky with 5 books per day, then it will take you year and half for all 3 skills lv30. It's comparable with me doing rare moirai set +6 in 2010/11, which took 1 year to make. But back then it wasn't set your toon for auto for 2 hours like now. Yet people are still crying, impressive.
  12. no, they farm other items than forgotten books, fact. they selling other items, they are usually lazy to farm in long-term. Ando spent some $, and plays market pretty well. I don't care about your ncoins, if I want to buy ncoins, I offer fair price to satisfy both, also since I'm veteran who was never scammed, I demand to gift first. I can enjoy game without ncoin gifts as much as I enjoying it with zero dollars spent since... 2012 or so. I would spend some $ into game, but NC doesn't deserve any money for service they give (or rather, don't give).
  13. so you arent happy if you get forgotten 1 from daily as reward and sell it expensive? do you think top farmers farming daily for forgotten 1? no, they dont. there are ways to get adena in game, be it farming adena directly (prestige needed), indirectly (toons, daily, guard agathion frags, oly for codexes, anything if you have at least some knowledge,...), then by playing market. and of course more knowledge you have about game, easier adena farm is. you wont get to the top for sure, but to decent level definitely. crying on forums is also way, but rather way to be funny for others.
  14. I'm shocked how people don't know basis of economy. Items are expensive because there is a lot of adena on servers and adena is easily farmable in trilions quantity. Go re-calculate prices with old adena>ncoins prices at 1m per ncoin, wow it will be so cheap surprisingly! But anyway people are quitting pretty fast, I'm glad ncsoft supports it so we end it soon.
  15. Item description (box) in game was absolutely wrong. Item description (box) on event page was absolutely correct, with logic lower price rewards are most common. C'est la vie
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