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  1. All chat goes to general chat

    Hello, so if producer at least replied to my bug report (and nothing else), I will inform you, other players (especially paying ones) about how this matter went on. I made ticket about this issue with video proof on 28th July 2018. Ticket was left unsolved with automated crap responds, and I was left with unability to chat in game until I had to create another two arrogant tickets when automats suddenly woke up and on 19th August 2018 I was able to chat again. That makes it 22 days (over 3 weeks) without chat in MMORPG game, where almost all gameplay is tied to communication with other players. I had also other character that recieved same chat ban, with unability to communicate starting on about 12th August 2018. Two tickets were created on this matter and issue is not solved till now (22nd August). To demonstrate how NCWest Lineage 2 producer got absolutely no control over customer support, let me show you: Neutron (above) versus M Rhan (ticket no. 19922324) Now think a bit that our amazing automated outsourced support is not solving these tickets during weekends, if your enemy will want to chat ban you for weekend, you can enjoy it fully no matter how many dollars you sank to your shiny pixels. Support is living their own life without any knowledge about game. They ban players for PKing others (guess gustavs would be banned within hours, kagan within minutes). They ban players for holding on someone (even if enemy). They even ban players for expressing opinions on forums, that's why I got no motivation to give any advices or information to other players. And for @Neutron (who, apparently lost any control or QA of 3rd party customer support): read first post again, especially last sentence. Information in parenthesis is based on previous sentence from 1st post in this thread. This is definitely my last post on these forums.
  2. All chat goes to general chat

    Hello everyone, it's my first post (and with high probability also last) on this new forums. I will use this thread to tell my last story with amazing 3-rd party provided support. I couldn't use chat or PMs and they could not solve it, asking for proofs and more and more information. I linked them video and they started something about "correct account stuff, mail, etc.". Is support here for fixing problems or for insulting customers by not providing ANY support at all? Here is video for everyone, this is what NC WEST can make with your character - unable to play in MMORPG environment: About other case, I have to again ask for @Neutron help because current support lacking knowledge of the game mechanics. Could you please reply to the ticket no. 20542023 ? You are probably only one around in years when those items were inserted to server so you can decide the best. You won't run this game for a long time with this attitude.