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  1. update is quite fine, no lags no spikes all goes very smooth. there are some opinions about game economy but only proper dev team with clever people would know how to balance adena drops to adena sinking, now we have big inflation due to added adena drops. instead of making loot boxes with complete lv1/2/3 dragon weaps or cursed weaps, you should focus more on claws/bloods because every click of dw/cursed will sink 200+b adena from server. that may help.
  2. it was never allowed for afk gameplay, only if you were "playing" actually but nobody cares since bans are given quite randomly
  3. main purpose of this game is getting money from players.
  4. thank you jason, this was solution with smallest collateral damage, wise decision.
  5. tanor is really not for lv110 archer, tanor is for lv109 tyrr without rose etc more than year ago, with r99 items. https://imgur.com/cUD5Z8rhttps://imgur.com/cUD5Z8r
  6. also they are more expensive but i heard everyone is rich in this game.
  7. you made mistake, now you have to pay for making mistake, just like in real life. dont blame ncosft for your mistakes
  8. i got many boxes and storage dwarfs and didnt get banned. maybe try play legit?
  9. this content was removed because making noble vesper sets peaked in 2010, 11 years ago. it's not bug.
  10. someone lost hero and what to do then? start QQ on forums.
  11. russian page, ban russians finally from game
  12. not even word about bugged naia ah, seems ppl gave up already
  13. apologize for delay, but wait for august 2022
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