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  1. because rewards are taken in 1 min, i dont see lie there
  2. you get something for free and you are even complaining, nice first post of account
  3. event is good, you get free items (and expensive items) and you still QQ. what do you want? dw lv3 for everyone? you will be onehit even with that shiny weapon.
  4. mete and acsa are right, draecke is wrong there is even no possibility of transferring so big pack of data in 0.01 sec or whatever draecke saw, even cheaters cant do that.
  5. battle with inflation is.....put more adena into economy
  6. I hope not, I would remove even paid name change, clan name change and anything that supports RMT.
  7. yes, contact support maybe they can turn it back. but dont take it as 100% chance, but just try.
  8. ambicija is one naia random with quite good gear who has no idea how to play character.
  9. same goes to restoration system. its unfair, and some people still spend money into game. so funny
  10. no. we had it already and it was crap.
  11. thanks for nice trolling of 2021, lets hope L2 will keep trolling playerbase in 2022 too. merry xmas
  12. better drop for basic items and better enchant rates will cause more people get strong items and will be able to farm more adena, thus inflation will continue and will be bigger. as said above, its not as simple as it looks like... I know people of 2021 want easy and fast solutions, but sorry world doesnt work like that, ingame world too.
  13. rates are fair, at least it wont be like year ago when event produced some lv112 people in exalted/tw sets.
  14. as I said above, burning adena for lv10 wings is easy but somehow people prefer to burn adena for ncoin boxes and purchases because its more profitable. burning adena must be set very wisely, just like now with vitality potions. if they continue with proper balance, there should be deflation finally.
  15. I will give you example of your "solution". There was lack of brooches of Lv4 and higher because of limited supply of gemstone powders, people were crying here on forums to increase supply of these. So, NCSoft finally flooded market with lv5 brooches for (I think) 2400 ncoins plus other items in pack. Then there was outcry of people who spent a lot of adena/money for get their brooch before market flood by NCSoft. And now, despite people got cheap 6slot brooches they crying they dont have dawn crystals to upgrade them. So one "SUPPLY" caused if I count well, 3 cries of 3 different groups
  16. I see random characters/boxes with god jewels, cursed/dragon weapons and top gear and you say there is issue in supply of items? Check AH on Naia maybe, or shops/shouts. Problem is top people farm trilions and those trilions barely transfer to "low-farming" people but rather to NCoin buyers. In the past low farm was holding top market alive (farming SOP, manor, crafting, shots, etc.) but now more gear you have, more you farm. Exponentially. Of course there is limit of this (real life, family, whatever) and other "problem" of top people stealing low-farming spots (be it brooch jewel boxes, neut
  17. you can get greater agathions from enchanting basic ones to +10, which isnt as hard if you have plenty of items from fishing/aden boxes. harder question is, and only juji can be blamed for that, how some people got +5 greater agathions (with restore system) despite its impossible kinda with current prices to do so, same goes to shilen 10 and enchanted dragon jewels and other stuff. i told why prices are high, there is nothing juji can do about it currently. flooding market with items isnt good solution.
  18. I'm pretty fine, ncsoft gave in last weeks so many free items im surprised some people are still unhappy. potions, runes, top jewels, etc all for free. market is also fine just prices are over adena cap because supply of adena is too big and there is no way to drain adena from servers atm much. collection was made for that but that works only in korea.
  19. yes it does, you have choice of using dual class also screen you show is too far from mid gear, really.
  20. no, there are no level requirements anymore, you can wear R110 gear from Lv1.
  21. thanks for possibility of vitality restore, but I doubt this adena sink from servers will help massive inflation. its good start.
  22. because they know code to apply. if you have code, you can pick rune. I passed this because its xenophobic some countries can pick and some cannot. Also for waving to our game boys and girls, check when they last visited forums before you become too naive
  23. giving someone items for free is one of the worst things you can do to other player. same goes for real life. if you want something, go for it, sacrifice something to achieve it. if you get it for free, you wont take it as precious and also you will lack skill to achieve something yourself.
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