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  1. He must be talking about Korean patch notes...
  2. There's no huge adena drop. At this time is almost unplayable, you are saying that they will end with the game? We have pavel dropping 20~30k (Yes I know that have better drop on 100+ areas), but a weapon costs 10~30 Billion The problem is the bots, not the drop. Well let's see how this update will work, I'm not here to be toxic, if the gameplay situation gets worse I just won't play, I give up. I'll keep just the good part of Lineage 2.
  3. I did not expect to read this. It's very disappointing, I've been a fan of Lineage 2 for many years.
  4. Since I'm not exposing any player I guess it's ok.
  5. "bla bla removed" "bla bla removed" "bla bla removed" But the game still full of bots This can't be removed
  6. bots on dim rif

    Blazing Swamp, Pavel ruins and other places. Full of bots, the worst sh** that I've seen on lineage 2. I'm starting to think that NCSoft don't care about it. That guys are farming adena to sell in external sites by real money. For NCSoft is easy to eliminate the bots, the answer is inside of the game: Some areas has a good adena drop, but with none bots. Why? However, the game still full of bots, that sh ** doesn't happen without being allowed, is not an hiding action. Even right now, if you login into game will see tons of bots.