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  1. Bots - serious topic

    Maybe they should add an alternative low level area for live players .. a place that you can't AFK this area should have: terrain objects so bots get stuck sparse/random mob spawn SOCIAL/AGRO mobs mby with this all the QQing would stop
  2. Lets Talk Pk Toons!

    QQing about PK on Lineage 2 thats a 1st
  3. Quests missing ?

    damn.. i ve been away for a long time (since gracia on retail) and i came back hoping that this game would go easy on me for once mindless farm it is then
  4. Quests missing ?

    hello im new to classic So, i was looking for some quests to make extra adena and on map ( world info) there are some quests (e.g. a vengeful arrow ) i am inside the requirement level but when i go to thee NPC there is no quest there its kinda confusing