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  1. Catacomb is a good idea but always there are bots there...
  2. I just said to make the imprint items available to use it on the same account. NOT to sell them!!! It is easier to spend rl cash for items that you can use it for your chars in same account than to use it only in 1 char.
  3. Hi, because there are not many ppl who continue and play the game it is difficult for us to find some items. Make imprint items free to share it to shame accounts. It would be very helpfull. For example before 1.5 month i made a new char for main and now after update i can't upgrade my Bracelet of Duty. I have on my old char in same account. Also a lot of sayha's buff scrolls that i don't use it. Please think about it. Thank you
  4. What about clan coins and bracelets?How can we upgraded now?
  5. What about clan coins and clan bracelets?How can we upgraded now??
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