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  1. AiZeN's Corner

    WTT>+12 Dark Avenger 3sa for DualSword pm/mail Jinkariya in-game
  2. Solo Siege Farm

  3. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    There's no point talking to Nova's pets (FS) considering 1 pt of MS can wipe their whole clan anyways we were busy taking other castles as well from other Nova pets while keeping our castle's doors scratch free. The casters are merely boxes that doesn't even have gears so I don't even know what stupidity this guy is talking about anyways not so shock about that considering he says that the reason he is horrible at this game is because his gear doesn't amount to 50b but I doubt he knows that you don't need any gears to use defensive skills at the right time before your pt dies
  4. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    lol I saw you yesterday damn and I thought you're someone decent cause you talk a lot of trash but jesus son you play tank and before you cast your defensive skills your whole pt is dead da fck is that son......... horrible gameplay..... I suggest focus more on improving on your gameplay than talking trash here in forums
  5. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    Nova failed to take Rune back from MS even after forcing their pets in other clans to move to Nova..... Nova failed to even destroy the doors in Rune..... Max didn't even sign on any castle...... Discuss?
  6. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    Nova failed to take Rune back from MS even after forcing their pets in other clans to move to Nova..... Nova failed to even destroy the doors in Rune..... Max didn't even sign on any castle...... Discuss?
  7. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Never liked the "Elite Sharing System" wherein whoever is the closest or whoever sucks more to the clan leader gets the top drops in my opinion in each clan who does raids and shiit shouldn't have a special sharing system for some members everyone should be treated equally I think that's probably one of the good traits that MS currently have right now when it comes to anything every member is treated equally it doesn't matter if you're truffle or you're a member with +8 gears when it comes to sharing the only thing that matters is your activity nothing else I'm not a holy person but I believe on the bible quote that " He who does not work, neither shall he eat" this is why I'm just disgusted with clans like Renovatio having this kind of system: "Blessed Epic Jewels will be handled in leadership discretion" what does that even mean lmao that's just pure LOL
  8. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Summer sadness = Max is coming during the summer and Nova thinks that with Nova and Max merging into one clan next month they will be able to take back everything they lost and beat MS as well. As for the music probably a shot to zureil
  9. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Define failure taking 99% of everything you own including castle's in dime siege except ofc aden in normal server (for now) is failure? Damn dog your definition of winning is something else huh?
  10. Roadmap 2018

    Go start using scripts again and see if it's "officially" tolerated
  11. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    We don't want Nova dead I personally want Nova to live and stop being a 2hrs warrior outside ofc being like yourself most of the time a forum warrior I mean there's no wrong being a forum warrior since I myself have spammed a lot on this forums but at least have the balls to PvP in-game not only here in forums and in sieges I mean since when was the last time you were in a PvP outside of sieges can't remember can't you? Anyways you're just too dumb to realize what the substance of my message was I'm not asking you to join our side or what stupid crap you're saying being 10+ years friends with Nova lol. What I'm saying to all the mid-tier clans in the game is to stand up for yourself and for your own clan and interest stop playing second fiddle and sacrificing your clans for the benefits of top clans how many mid-tier clans like ProPvE,Innercircle,OSJ etc must die and get sacrificed until the mid-tier clan leaders finally realize that there's nothing good coming out of helping top clans lol fight your own fight and enjoy the game and make sure that every decision you make you have your clans own best interest first not some other clans or whatever bullcrap lol anyways long story short be your own man aim to make your clan to be a top clan not just some foot soldier by top clans lol
  12. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    You had your own ally and you're the leader of your own alliance so instead of owning up like how a real clan leader should be and think about your clan and alliance and instead of playing second fiddle to Nova you decided to be a puppet clan leader of Nova. What's a couple of anthy bottle,valakas bottle and crafting packs? If a dragon fragment dropped which costs easily 100's of billions do you think Nova would give that to you or give you a share of that? NOPE how bout lindvior earring which costs easily back then around 80b ish did you get even one of that? don't think so . When MorningStar was in alliance with Renovatio, they did lindvior and a lindvior cutter dropped karigan picked it up and she just logged out without even saying thank you to morningstar or whatever lmao not only that Renovatio sold that cutter to karigan for 100b and none of that 100b was shared equally to morningstar or whoever else was in alliance with renovatio back then when that fragment drops. I'm not making any propaganda or whatsoever I'm just surprise that so many ball-less players leads clans here in Chronos All of those things including the price of how much that cutter was sold to karigan are all facts and I can easily prove it
  13. Roadmap 2018

    I agree with the prices you guys should make it a bit more price friendly to everyone with lower prices more people will be able to afford it and with that your sales margin will blow up and even though you lower your prices you'll still retain or surpass your profit targets. Sales Marketing 101
  14. Roadmap 2018

    Finally something we can agree on
  15. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    If you think you can do better prove it make an Iss get a topaz 4 and a kelbim topaz and take Nuky's hero There's no point arguing here you either put up or shut up