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  1. Hi All, How lucky you are with Blessing Scrolls? I have already tried 10 times and all failed Thanks,
  2. It would be brilliant if you could extend the event plenty of time to play while we're on lock down Stay safe! Stay at home!
  3. Hello guys, I this topic has been raised several times. looking for an advice on playing necromancer. what dyes suggested? what SA on weapon. now im only lvl52 but got some decent stuff, dc robe, aqlv3, will be looking to get a good weapon 200+ m atk. . Can anyone share their macro which works well? do you concentrate on m crit, m atk or casting speed? if someone is willing to give some info you can mail me in game, nick "Sparkling" in Giran server. Have a good day everyone and stay safe in these hard times
  4. sveiki, ar vis dar ieskot zmoniu i klana? gal ir noreciau prisijungti, esu lvl79 lankas su a setu ir b lanku... gal labiau del kompanijos, siaip on esu beveik visada, na bet zinoma afk hunting. mano suportai yra prp78 ir bd78.... servas giran.
  5. Hello All, It's i good thing that this petition was created. I do understand that everyone has their concerns, but I believe Wody made a good post, everyone trying to add their bit just creates a confusion which makes for NCSOFT team harder to understand what community requires. Signing the petition would be enough jut to add "+1" "I Agree" etc. Most of the things are covered by original post. My suggestion to everyone would be just add additional comment showing support for the petition. All the best to everyone. Let's hope this will be taken into consideration by develo
  6. I Agree, PLEASE FIX THE SERVER!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi All, got for sale or trade Imperial Staff+5 or trade to BOP+17. Also got for sale BOP+15, Imperial Crusader shield+6 unsealed. Write here or mail me in game xArtex. Enjoy the game
  8. Bought +10 and added few more +++, SIMPLE
  9. ahhhh, tried it, and it worked, thank you
  10. Thanks for response. skill autouse is not a problem. I got a marco where i have the same skill to be used 5 or six times followed by BTM. every skill has a reuse time and the problem is that my char during this second starts moving towards the target and if close enough hits it with a weapon, just like that. I would like it to stand in one place at all times...
  11. Hello guys, maybe its not the smartest question, but who could help me with macro. How to make my mage stand in one place while casting? After every cast he keeps moving towards the target and if close enough after cast it hits the target... tried /useskillstand, but still doing the same...
  12. Hello guys! i got main Sagittarius. looking for a normal clan not to strict. i was doing solo until now but it gets boring now, would like to have some more fun doing rb or some other random stuff, have a chat with people. I will not require items from cl as I have decent gear. BOP+15, MJ L set.
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