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  1. Of course I'm worse than xSpaWn, malaka! So many fanboys... so what are you doing reading my post? I remember you, another one of this bunch of pathetic frustrated ex-NC West players who quitted 'cuz game is too difficult for them... many years playing 0 times hero 0 real achievements 0 dragons 0 pvps won... me 84935894389 times hero 39028549032849032 achievements 8923e754892347823 dragons 832954789238092 PVPs... I'm Lineage 2 Legend but you little babies and HATERS GONNA HATE CRY ME A RIVER
  2. so many novas and failure players crying in this topic you guys cry really hard lol
  3. --- ME INSISTING FOR 10 MINUTES FOR 1 VS. 1 WITHOUT POTS (he spam 5k hp no stop) - HE REFUSES - WELL DOESN'T MATTER HE BSOE OR DIE DESPITE THAT RIDICOLOUS SPAM making him waste 1b+ everytime he meets me next to make him die/bsoe AGAIN & AGAIN hahahaha https://imgur.com/j9NIU7I
  4. BUMP - BILLYJOHNN IN DENIAL - LOL https://imgur.com/RIpa7RQ
  5. https://imgur.com/a/ztYIkJa this guy is so weak server clown
  6. https://ibb.co/mEuiHJ https://ibb.co/nFr8jy
  7. me = Wynn Summoner, weapon +12 bloody, gems 3/4, jewels Beleth Soul AQ and some cheap stuffs... enemy = Iss (anti-debuffs class), with garnet 6 (only this worth more than my char), topaz 6, insane kelbim, and dragon weapon... Result = THEBLACKPOOP JUST CAN'T WIN ME. NO MATTER IF HIS DRAGON WEAPON IS LVL.3, HE JUST LOSES TO ME hahahahaha.
  8. ruby 6 300b? emerald 6 250b? diamond 6 250b? obsidian 6 250b? I need continue? You are right, you don't have anything more than me near 1000b... you have more than me near 3000B. but it's okay poop, you are crying and is fine. I don't post video cuz I don't have it, you got outplayed and once again LOGIC AND SMARTNESS > your $ now go cry as I humiliate you in front of all community of l2
  9. https://ibb.co/btR5s7 my victory vs. blackpoop https://ibb.co/m39Qs7 just to show the difference between our items this is like a toyota 99 winning a ferrari 2018 in a race... blackpoop... no comment
  10. I dedicate long time to build PVP version of wynn summoner and also make in the same char a monster pve (solo epic tauti, solo altar, evi-titan like) with max lvl.3 gems (no +15 weapons etc) So I really don't like when someone pretends he knows how to play wynn summoner, expecially someone like Bumbaclot (top noob in game lol) About Wynn getting re-worked I hope it's true, I mean I don't even care what the re-work will look like, just put something new 'cuz is like 2 years same thing in all wynns
  11. lets not make the newbie kingscoobz dying go to the bottom of the forum! uP!
  12. hahahahahahahaha change title of the topic to: HOW TO BE WEAK, lol if this is how to play Summoner, right way to drive cars is with feet hahahahaha, noob
  14. your members cry a lot and needs a lot of lies to cover up those fail players, I lost vs kingscoobz in oly (x6 gems 6lvl, lindvior cutter) by 5k damage and you still talking... match with mutchy I was pinging 500000, np, want to talk instead your members losing in oly many times despite dragon weapon lvl 2 and gems 6? want to talk everyday your members dying/bsoe from wynn summoner in open field?
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