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  1. Tyrr Changes

    Thanks man.
  2. Tyrr Changes

    That damn patch note is so long I missed the tyrr part.
  3. Best Tank

    I thought evas templar is only elf
  4. Best Tank

    I want to play orc
  5. Best Tank

    Ah okay so in that case what would be the best tank that soaks up damage. Not the balanced kind for defense and damage, like a full on support tank?
  6. Unfair Olympiads

    Mastercard vs Visa would be more interesting
  7. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    That would actually be a lot more helpful to new players than to be an ass all over the place.
  8. Best Tank

    Hey guys, please advice on the best Tank for Orc race? And which one has the skill to lure in mobs... you know that red fog thing I'm seeing around that makes mobs automatically attack tanks?
  9. New player to Iss selection

    I logged in just to like your comment.