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  1. Please let us sell crap to the NPC's again. Not only does it help the less fortunate that do not want to spend their retirement on the game to get adena but it will clean up server lag. Currently there are parts laying everywhere that nobody wants to pick up because they are worthless. Must put some strain on the servers having that much crap laying around. Also, I know it is a long shot but, let dwarfs craft shots again. Another way us meek spenders can make adena and spend less to get shots. Unless the goal of NCSoft is to completely kill the game off, which seems to be the direction it is going, please do something. All the farmers have taken up all the good adena spots. They know people are willing to spend real money to get adena because there is ZERO available to players that just play the game for enjoyment.
  2. Blessed are the Returned

    I am sure priority 1 is to remove the ban from anyone spending real $ regardless. What these guys need to do is just flat out say botting is okay. Everyone is doing it, players no longer care, gm's not only do not care but will unban you if you get caught and spend a few $$$. They have even made the content of the game impossible to level passed 80 if you do not have a bot crew with you. I guess I just do not know why they keep claiming it is against the EULA when they clearly allow it. As for your questions... buffs/debuffs hidden make it harder for players to prove someone is using a 3rd party program. If you cant see them auto removing buffs and such then its less headache on the GM's answering tickets. Cancel is working as intended Epics were supposed to be raised to 80 like 4-5 pay to win events ago i thought so who knows. Debuffs on epics working as intended Zaken will not be fixed as long as the big $$$ guys are the ones resetting it. If the tables are ever turned it will be fixed.