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  1. Sadly NC Soft doesn't follow their own policy. I had a guy in EV tell me I will PK until you leave this spot its mine. That is Extorting by PK for hunting spot, after he pked me 10+ times I killed him 2 times got tired of the PKing and since I fought back 2 times than GM's said it was PVP. He clearly said he would PK me endlessly as long as I hunted in that spot because it was "his" even though he laid dead on the ground for 6 hours that I hunted there. NC Soft doesn't follow their own rules at all, he also threatened me IRL and used vulgar and inappropriate language after about 1
  2. Why should the topic just "die"? Your abusing and exploiting a game mechanic on purpose so you can exp in peace without war along with everything else in game, but you want all the perks of being in seiges/swords. You exploit the system and now cry about it. 5 clans MASS PETITIONED to get 2 Clans BANNED from game for a "exploit" ALL 5 CLANS USED FOR YEARS. But when it didn't work to your advantage you petition it, dont' give me this bull "NC Soft said don't do it" because we know all 5 clans involved in MASS petitioning break the TOS/EULA EVERY DAY. I used to seriously have respect for Pr
  3. The 14 members in clan is a EXPLOIT simple and plan. Back when it was changed to this rule NC Soft said it was to stop smaller developing clans from being bullied/griefs. You have multiple people actively managing the amount of people in a clan to on PURPOSE keep it below the 15 person rule, while engaging in active PVP/Castle Seiges/Blood Swords without having the ability to war them back. They KEEP it BELOW the number on purpose and do not go over that number. They knowing and willfully do it, that right there shows intent to bypass a feature of the game for their exploitation. They sho
  4. You guys obviously have no idea what pets are used for. You kill them on purpose for a "Anchor" so you have use a macro to run to your main, buff, then run back to your pet and /delay until it needs to POM/Songs again. The whole purpose is for your pet to be dead so its a anchor point and you don't have to feed it. The problem is their system is broke, my buffer crit errored out with a dead pet and guess what? It didn't disappear like they said it would, so their answer is incorrect and wrong. It only disappears sometimes and it's not because the toon dc'd or anything. Because I rezed my
  5. They have already said SEVERAL times Korea does not authorize them to do more Dual to Main Switches, or Breaking off Dual into another charactor like they have in the past. They WILL NOT DO IT, which is said call all Korea has done is given everything to themselves and given nothing to us.
  6. I know I'm hindering my progress not P2W and dropping money into the game. But I refuse to spend anymore on the game until lag issue is fixed and we have some free events, all I see everyday is top 5% "X per has obtioned x item from Nightwish Chest" and its the same 5-10 people everyday getting all the items 95% of the time because they have 500b+ to drop on the event. Nightwish coins are going for 3m per coin when its normally not above 2m per coin but since top people are making 400b+ off items from boxes they keep dropping more and more and getting richer while no one can afford to buy bo
  7. Soo I got a automated response from GM Louise NCSOFT Support Team, and it seems they fail to do any research investigating before replying. I've had 2 pets disappear on me in last 1 month, 1st pet was due to random disconnect and it was dead when disconnected so it's gone. GOOD JOB NC SOFT on random dc's because 2/3 accounts stayed logged in but 1/3 disconnected that isn't a ISP issue but a NC Soft issue that has been documents on forums and admitted by Juji multiple times. 2nd pet disappeared just POOF, I woke up and main was still exping with my buffer standing next to him instead of runn
  8. Mixa, Your actually wrong they have 2 offices IN CALIFORNIA, and its not where the company is based it is where the product is USED. Microsoft is based out of Washington if I remember right, but the EU sued Microsoft because Internet Explore was embedded so far into the OS you couldn't remove it and people felt as if they HAD to use it instead of say Firefox/Chrome. So yes they can be sued from any state their product is being used in based on state laws. Plus Orange County, CA and San Mateo, CA has offices of NC Soft West. You should do a little homework before you give that informa
  9. So this is the 2nd time this has happened. Use macro to go back/forth from my pet to my main to buff my main. Rezed pet less than 12 hrs ago and POOF it disappears. If you don't rez it within 24hrs its supposed to disappear but not within 12hrs. Seriously this is annoying as all hell What actually works right in this game anymore?
  10. These prices get worse and worse as the events go on. Used to be 100 Gem boxes for 8k $100, now its 100 boxes for I think it was $150 last event.. is it like Cost of Living each year NC Soft prices go higher while we get less? Doritos Bags used to be 99 cents now its $1.50 and there is more air in the bag than chips. NC Soft keeps raising prices and giving us less each and every year. We already pay the most and get the least free from events. Honestly I'm about ready to sell all I own and be done with this crap of being stolen from each time and forced to pay higher prices if I want to ad
  11. They just answered your question, by nerfing the buff by 50%. As I said in my previous post do you think they care about what we want? The GM's don't even play the game they support, you know the saying "No one cares because it's not them that is affected". NC Soft does not care what WE/YOU want they only care people continue to feed them money and as long as we are feeding them money they are happy and will do as they please. Cause if your investing in them/donating to them you MUST be happy, you keep giving them money.
  12. iAeolos your math is flawed, yes you get less in party in higher level zone but you also kill faster with more DD's. If your only with box than yes your not killing faster. I'm 107 Yul I can solo with pots in AI and get 4.5+, if I invite my buff slave I get 3.5b+ since it has exp 30 day rune. I kill same amount with/without iss in party, now I clear the spot EASY so why would I invite more DD's. But if I went to say FOS/FOW and invited another DD I might get less exp but I kill faster so in the long run = more exp as long as I couldn't clear the spot solo. Your not looking at all sides/log
  13. Give me one instance NC Soft has ever cared what we wanted? Ever event we get is nerfed from all other regions and we are raped over the coals and have to spend more money to get items that are FREE for other regions. We spend MORE money on every item compared to EVERY other region. Since we pay the increased cost you think they going to lower the price? NC Soft doesn't care literally 2 months shy of 1 year for melee lag and it's not been fixed and there is no incoming fix. 1/2 of the classes to 3/4 of classes are affected with this "melee lag" but no fix still. Do you SERIOUSLY think th
  14. This new pk system won't change anything at all. [moderated] pks me and my buff daily, he gets probably 30+ pks daily He kills like 30 mobs and his karma is gone. So what if he shows up on the map his karma is gone.. So what if he has this debuff he hardly exp's as is, he can sit with his clannies and leech for 3 hours or stay in town. What does this solve? People will still PK they still PK In classic which is where the pk system was first implemented and they still have a issue with perma red pkers or even regular pkers. its done nothing to "curb" Pkers at all.
  15. As Yul even if the loot is right next to them they still dont' pickup, far away forget it. Yul/Nuker lose out on this "Auto Pick" because it never works at all so the little bit we can get from loot we don't get at all like Melee does.
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