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    hi everyone, I just started this game over the weekend, playing for 8+ hours each day (grinding (farming) + watching Grey's Anatomy) to get to lvl 25, so that I can talk to you guys! (WHAT IS UP with having to get to lvl 25 to chat???) Entering the game I admit I dont have the purest game motives. I was doing this for a school research which our group decided to be "how do lineage 2 classic server gamers respond to social science research being conducted inside the game?" Unfortunately, we couldnt meet enough ppl who would respond to us in game (WHAT IS UP with a MMO with so little ppl!!!!?) TBH in the end tho, I still rather hate this game, I realized that there was too much farming involved to get anywhere, and its too easy to go auto and just monitor it like a heart monitor... I want to see this game differently or have some confirmation on what this game really means for you all out there. Please take the time to give a reply to us! Anything is appreciated. **what do you think about social science research in gaming? How is lineage2 game culture different from everything else you played?