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  1. i guess he wants to say that some ppl knew about the new update feature, with item collection, before it got released on the website.
  2. how do you think this happened? i think ppl spread false info and this is the result. just a guess
  3. don't worry, i bet they remove Exalted Cloak lvl 2 here on ncwest
  4. you are in the wrong forum it's below live forum https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/
  5. relog helps sometimes
  6. hmm last event i had to struggle too, with enchanting cloaks. haven't tested now yet. but don't use the shirt it won't help enchanting cloaks. use dragon shirt for more luc
  7. ssssshhhh don't tell them. nobody needs to know the obvious reason for lag/dc and other crap. you take away the top QQ topic
  8. last time it was 9/01/2020 so i guess not soon
  9. maybe they should make the name of the chest random so you can be sure, if it gets auto targeted instantly, it's a bot. or there should be some gate that can be entered by standing in it without target. so many ways to get rid of this, but is there motivation to change it? if you are lucky to see and record the abuse of 3rd party software you should send it via support ticket. i did that already, and don't share the video with others than the support team for obvious reasons.
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