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  1. L2 Unbalanced

    zariche don't mean you are invincible what's your lvl and gear?
  2. PVP Changes

    maybe i am wrong, but i think there will be craft able gems in the future. at least the wiki shows the recipes. maybe
  3. PVP Changes

    you made my day. thank you
  4. PVP Changes

    why are you here? i don't get why you play this game. you have 3 Topics open complaining about major game features. you can survive in pvp vs stacked archers. go check youtube. and yes you need $ for that. and your damage reduction math is wrong. you have a base damage reduction that you need to know... they wont change the game to please you. it's Korean rng what will happen, like always
  5. More of an exploit

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxq9cu_bVI this?
  6. Naia Siege 10/05/20

    when was the game balanced? i don't know any chronicle, without 1 shots
  7. Error when starting the game

    maybe you are banned? open a support ticket.
  8. Juji said somewhere, that this will happen maybe in the next 2 months
  9. PVP Changes

    you don't get my point. there needs to be a relation between hp and max damage or it wont work

    no lag at all here, from Europe

    for most ppl it's easier to blame server
  12. works perfect with auto hunt system...
  13. you still can click on damage received button when you got disconnected. as long the client is not closed
  14. PVP Changes

    don't you think that will benefit characters or classes with much hp? some classes are glass cannons so they need high damage to have any use. tyrrs will benefit the most in this update with over 200k HP and they hit you for 20k easy...
  15. progress is bad if you have to pay for it