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    He said they reset PK but not Karma
  2. Heine event

    Juji said it got abandoned by devs
  3. WTS

  4. WTS

    WTS Blessed Eternal Robe Set +10-12 FE. Circlet +12 Tunic +11 Gloves +10 Stockings +10 Shoes +10 pm here or mail in game Harperz
  5. One month anniversary at L2

    i wonder what will happen. don't have much time to play, since work is up again^^ maybe there is hope, because i think it can't get "worse"
  6. One month anniversary at L2

    please correct me, but i think i heard that devs are all located in South Korea. So they probably won't read this forum at all. NCWest is just distributor not Developer.
  7. Welcome to L2. It has always been like that. I don't think it will change, hint from me make a Tyrr Titan ;D
  8. So my ISS dc, and i die and dc do something. It seems to be random. I never had this issue before, it started today with random disconnects.
  9. L2 Unbalanced

    zariche don't mean you are invincible what's your lvl and gear?
  10. PVP Changes

    maybe i am wrong, but i think there will be craft able gems in the future. at least the wiki shows the recipes. maybe
  11. PVP Changes

    you made my day. thank you
  12. PVP Changes

    why are you here? i don't get why you play this game. you have 3 Topics open complaining about major game features. you can survive in pvp vs stacked archers. go check youtube. and yes you need $ for that. and your damage reduction math is wrong. you have a base damage reduction that you need to know... they wont change the game to please you. it's Korean rng what will happen, like always
  13. More of an exploit

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxq9cu_bVI this?
  14. Naia Siege 10/05/20

    when was the game balanced? i don't know any chronicle, without 1 shots