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  1. they don't run L2? maybe different in some parts but still L2!
  2. Harperz

    Bow Strike

    if you set Animation to low you don't have some animations i guess
  3. really bad timing to come back read through the forum... it's not getting better anytime soon i guess
  4. do you really think they will help you? as omen said, it's your risk and your fault not ncsoft...
  5. in Core Server they said it's ok to use macro keyboard or mouse. don't know if this applies here too. but there are several videos on youtube where you can see the use of such hardware macros... if you want i post some videos of ppl using this
  6. like a kinder garden... let them do their job and stop flooding the forum. Jesus
  7. no lag, no dc, but login sometimes denies me tomorrow maintenance, maybe they can upgrade some stuff
  8. would be nice to know, if this change applies to crafting and enchanting or only crafting
  9. you don't get the point. ppl logging more than 3 boxes from 1pc will still be able to do that, even with ip/hwid restriction. it's waste of time...
  10. open the skill bar lock
  11. what if you play from internet cafe ? only one player per cafe :D? per ip is outdated. just saying
  12. i thought the homunculus is not lvl 5 but the skills can't be enhanced afaik
  13. Harperz


    do aden dailies. timed zones. and as you said, rest is auto farm if you want, you can do 25 matches in olympiad to get some skill enchant books at the end of the month
  14. true. and it's still possible to farm at any spot... don't be lazy and improve your def or macro
  15. we will see, how hard the impact will be. side note: love potion drops with even more boost
  16. as always, the chance is very low for the good stuff
  17. they reduce combat abilities of low level zones, don't you think thats a good change?
  18. Several reasons they don't write much in forum. They say "a" than it gets taken out of context QQ and other crap. It's sad that communities in every game have this issue now... Constant crying about anything, even small things. Just sad It's a F2P game. You don't pay to have the right to play here. Sure it's not the best model but you agreed to it when you start playing here. I don't want to be in Hime/Juji position dealing with angry gamers complaining about things in game that are not life changing or anything... it's a game! if it's so controlling you guys you should stop, and pl
  19. They said before maintenance. So you need to wait as everybody :p
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