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  1. if i got it right the servers capacity is already at max, so there is no way to increase the capacity. what to do now? open new server :D?
  2. Harperz


    It's not my video, but i thought it's worth sharing here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXm_NYvurGQ
  3. before you write read the damn thread first
  4. like Keyra said it might be TeliaCarrier Problem. Just google TeliaCarrier Problems and you find a bunch of complains about bad routing/packet loss...
  5. Harperz

    Mass DC

  6. Harperz

    STR vs CHA

    i think that is race/base stats specific. so there is no general rule
  7. get a tank in your party or out of party pulling the mobs to you, if you kill fast this works fine.
  8. https://www.lineage2.com/news/dawn-of-heroes-patch-notes
  9. depends what you want to achieve. pvp, pve, solo or group
  10. The following items will be removed from players’ inventories during the maintenance on May 27: Regular Dice 16th Anniversary Cake Greater Dice 16th Anniversary Coin 16th Anniversary Aden Treasure Chest Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP) - Event 16th Anniversary Happy Gift Freya's Ice Rose - Event 16th Anniversary Joyful Gift Emperor's Special Cocktail - Event
  11. Juji said it might get changed in future updates
  12. seems i was lucky to get 1 fragment in Atelia Refinery farmed 1h
  13. didn't know you don't get anything for the ncoins you buy? maybe we use different l2store
  14. True. This is the new generation of kids. toxic as hell
  15. When they add stuff to L2 Store. All cry "why always need to spend $$ for items" now they add something to the game which is not Store relative, and ppl still cry... whats wrong with this world ?
  16. if you want to see dead server go to (EU) Core...
  17. may i ask why you play games? isn't a game the perfect time waster. especially in this time
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