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  1. They will change it. Just read what Juji said... in known bugs Topic
  2. 50% Party bonus was on top of normal bonus means if you get 10b exp(with all bonus applied) you got 5b extra from Party Bonus
  3. at the bottom of patch notes in UI & Other Changes
  4. Maintenance extended 2h. pls stop crying here
  5. Did you open a Ticket? or are you really waiting for an answer here?
  6. 3 Pc limit bypass is fixed. Mentor earring is now easier to get without flooding mentees
  7. epic i hope this will do what it should do
  8. how much luck do you have 38? never enchant without good luck stat...
  9. If it would be real gambling, some lawyer in the US would have already claimed millions from ncsoft.
  10. Where does he say he sold them for real money?
  11. Bots don't care about restart of server. they connect again. your restart is just placebo
  12. it won't fix the problem. it just works 2h. and tell me one official server that restarts every 24h it's not illegal crap l2j
  13. just a guess, maybe the server is at max capacity so what to do? ban half ppl? sure they can ban the bots. but this is hard to automate
  14. 10k ppl online do you really think thats true? and they don't run all servers on the same machine. login server sends you to the server you selected. you should know that the ip you see can be tunneled to other ip you can't see. like a proxy server.
  15. this version of unreal engine don't support multi core cpu. it's just a very old engine at its limit. hope they really port to new engine
  16. very cute... you asked a question that did not need a post since it's answered in other posts, even in sticky posts by hime :D. i gave you a honest answer and i am a kid? go on with your caps lock posting if you feel that special
  17. if you would have used some seconds to read >1< sticky topic you would know that server is lagging for all ppl. stop opening these topic over and over again. it's same with elevator it won't come faster when you push the button faster...
  18. it is. l2 has very old engine not optimized for gpu usage
  19. you should do the quest to get gear. or ask your credit card
  20. you know ppl tend to lie when they got caught. think about that, even when you know this person for a while
  21. you say that like they took your items. and like you couldn't do anything else in your spare time... if you need it so hard to enjoy your live you need help. it's constantly crying/demanding i see here in the forum. rarely somebody says thank you to gm/staff. they add stuff tweak things even if you think they don't do anything. think about it. would you like to have a forum full of cry babys demanding nonstop. it does not make the job easy. so go out for a walk and do other stuff, this is not the end of the world...
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