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  1. hi there i,m always getting this stupid message vit..bonus is not applyed how the het do i get rid of it it,s so lame message it,s like we cant see there is no vit anymore
  2. i understand it maybe they shout put up a timer or so that ppl can use botting or something per account yeah ppl will find there way around manny things maybe they shout ask adena for 1 hour botting
  3. they shoul take the sum buffs away and replace them with skills for the summon or for the char it self
  4. how about you do something bout some skills like the buffs you get as skills for your summoner most of the summen buffs dont work when you ar fully buffed
  5. you ar our heroe,s ncsoft when you going to fix the freaking the manner mode when ar you going to fix the stuff that kseres take our xp from our mobs we hit firts
  6. did the whole server crash and the website or what
  7. i dont like the pk debuff you punnish the pkers but what do you do with the players who ar killing your mobs why not spend some time on this i pk players just because they ar killing mobs that i pulled with my tank and now i get punished because of the pk but the ksers dont very lame
  8. yeah way to go dev,s removing the pk count but still having the stupid freaking debuff
  9. was it not the the pk count will be set to 0 atm myne pk c ount is still 10+
  10. so i wanne know as a summoner with 5 summons wich 1 is best i know sera is good for range and merrow and lancer ar good for small tanking but what bout the other servitors what is used alot and why or any other info would be nice what bout the abillitie tree mage or warrior
  11. i hope no lift for the 3 client limitation this will fack the game more then you will see big pt,s with only boxes on and thats really bad i think for players who love to play in team pt,s and not 2 player or 1 player pt it,s allreeady annoying that some ppl use 2 pc,s or sotfwere to have more accounts on
  12. https://mmoculture.com/2019/08/lineage-2-brief-introduction-to-the-new-death-knight-class/ would be nice if ncwest is up to date
  13. https://mmoculture.com/2019/08/lineage-2-brief-introduction-to-the-new-death-knight-class/
  14. The English server of Lineage 2 is still running, although it seems to be lacking behind by quite a number of major updates when compared with the Korean one so easy to seay maybe in 2 years or so nc west is pretty slow
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